Jeep to Launch New Rs 15-20 Lakh SUV on Citroen Platform

Jeep is set to unveil an all-new SUV in the Rs 15-20 lakh price range, based on Citroen’s Common Modular Platform (CMP). This platform also supports Citroen’s C3 range in India. The announcement came during Stellantis’ recent investor day presentation, where it was confirmed that the new-generation Jeep Renegade is in development, with an expected launch by 2027. While the final name of this Citroen-based Jeep is still uncertain, the move signifies a strategic shift towards a more cost-effective platform.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares highlighted the CMP’s global sourcing capabilities and cost competitiveness compared to Western alternatives. This shift to CMP from the previously planned STLA Small platform mirrors Citroen’s own transition with the fourth-generation C3 in Europe, which adopted the CMP in 2023.

Jeep Renegade Electric 4×4

The upcoming Jeep Renegade will also feature a battery electric model priced under USD 25,000 (approximately Rs 20.8 lakh). This model underscores Jeep’s commitment to affordability and maintaining the brand’s 4×4 heritage. Although the CMP doesn’t natively support an ICE-powered 4×4 drivetrain, it has been adapted into the Smart Car Platform for electric versions. Initially, a hybrid solution with an electric rear axle and ICE-driven front was considered but was ultimately deemed too costly.

Economic Benefits of a Shared Platform

Using a shared platform will benefit both Jeep and Citroen by leveraging economies of scale, potentially reducing costs for powertrain components, electronic architecture, and suspension systems. This cost-efficiency could help Jeep price the new SUV starting around Rs 15 lakh. Moreover, the E/E architecture might be upgraded to include advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), which are increasingly popular in the Indian market.

Powertrain Options

The new Renegade is expected to feature the EP6DT 1.6-litre direct-injection turbo-petrol engine, a part of the ‘Prince’ engine family developed by BMW and PSA. Although the exact power output is not confirmed, a 150hp unit is likely, with a possibility of a higher-spec 180hp version.

India Launch Plans

Previously, launching the current Renegade in India was considered, but its size and price overlapped too much with the Compass. The new Renegade, based on Citroen’s CMP, could finally enter the Indian market, effectively replacing the new-generation Compass, whose Indian launch has been shelved.

In response to inquiries, Stellantis stated, “There are no announcements to be made at this time. We remain committed to investing in the Indian market, which is the only country outside the USA to locally produce and assemble four Jeep nameplates.”

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