Bajaj to Launch CNG-Powered Motorcycle on July 5

After much anticipation, Bajaj has officially confirmed the launch date for its groundbreaking CNG motorcycle. The company has issued an invite, marking July 5 as the big day.

Key Features and Expectations:

  • Engine: Expected to feature a 125cc engine.
  • Variants: Could be available in multiple variants.
  • Fuel Options: Designed to run on both petrol and CNG.

The World’s First Production CNG Motorcycle

Currently known as the Bajaj Bruzer, this innovative motorcycle may adopt a different brand name upon its release. It stands as the world’s first production-spec motorcycle capable of running on both CNG and petrol. In a market where petrol prices have consistently hovered above Rs 100 per litre and affordable electric motorcycles are still limited, the Bajaj CNG bike promises a more economical and practical alternative for motorcycle ownership.

Engineering Insight

Leaked design blueprints have provided a glimpse into the engineering marvel behind this bike. Bajaj has skillfully integrated the CNG tank into the motorcycle’s structure, allowing it to switch seamlessly between the two fuels. For a detailed look at the design, click HERE.

Anticipated Questions

While we eagerly await more information at the July 5 event, several key questions remain:

  • Range: How far can the motorcycle travel on a single tank of CNG?
  • Performance: What are the performance metrics when switching between fuels?

Stay tuned for our comprehensive coverage of this unique and potentially game-changing motorcycle from Bajaj.

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