BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E-Class: Long-Wheelbase Dimensions Comparison

BMW is set to introduce the long-wheelbase (LWB) version of the 5 Series in India on July 24, marking the first time this variant will be available in a right-hand-drive market. In contrast, Mercedes has been offering the long-wheelbase E-Class in India for some time and is expected to launch the next-generation model around the festive season. To see how these luxury sedans stack up in terms of size, we compare the upcoming 5 Series LWB with its main rival, the forthcoming sixth-gen E-Class. For additional context, we also include the current E-Class and the recently launched BMW i5.

Dimensions Comparison: 2024 BMW 5 Series vs Rivals

Dimensions 5 Series LWB i5 Upcoming E-Class Outgoing E-Class
Length 5175 mm 5060 mm 5092 mm 5075 mm
Width 1900 mm 1900 mm 1880 mm 1860 mm
Height 1520 mm 1505 mm 1493 mm 1495 mm
Wheelbase 3105 mm 2995 mm 3094 mm 3079 mm
Wheel size 18 to 19-inch 20-inch 18 to 20-inch 18-inch


The BMW 5 Series LWB and the i5 share the same basic design internationally, with differences mainly in their powertrains. In India, however, the LWB 5 Series has an extended wheelbase of 3105 mm, compared to the i5’s 2995 mm. This extension results in the LWB model being 115 mm longer, 15 mm taller, and having a 110 mm longer wheelbase than the i5. Despite similar widths, the LWB offers significantly more interior space.

Comparing the i5 with the current Mercedes E-Class, the i5 is 15 mm shorter in length and 84 mm shorter in wheelbase, yet it is 40 mm wider and 10 mm taller. Against the next-gen E-Class, the new 5 Series LWB is not only wider and taller but also has the largest dimensions overall, being 83 mm longer, 20 mm wider, 27 mm taller, and with an 11 mm longer wheelbase.

Interestingly, although the next-gen E-Class is 83 mm shorter than the 5 Series LWB, its wheelbase is only 11 mm shorter, suggesting that the E-Class likely has shorter front and rear overhangs. This design choice might optimize interior space efficiency despite the shorter overall length.

While these measurements suggest that the BMW 5 Series LWB offers more interior space, only a direct comparison upon their release will confirm the real-world differences. The pricing for the 5 Series LWB is expected to be around Rs 80 lakh (ex-showroom), with official announcements scheduled for July 24.

Overall, on paper, the new BMW 5 Series LWB presents a formidable challenge to the Mercedes E-Class in terms of size and space, indicating a fierce competition in the luxury sedan segment.

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