Most Powerful Bikes Under Rs 10 Lakh

With an increased budget of Rs 10 lakh, we delve into the realm of serious performance bikes. This list showcases models delivering upwards of 80hp, predominantly from two renowned manufacturers: Triumph and Kawasaki. Both have excelled in offering high-performance bikes at competitive prices despite inflationary pressures.

5. Triumph Speed Twin 900 – 65hp

The Triumph Speed Twin 900 may appear to be a relaxed, neo-retro roadster, but it offers more than its modest specs suggest. As the smallest model in the Bonneville lineup, it’s anything but slow. With 80Nm of torque, the Speed Twin 900 is a swift performer. Alternatively, you could choose the authentic retro Bonneville T100 or the off-road-focused Scrambler 900, both based on the same platform but priced slightly higher at Rs 9.69 lakh and Rs 9.59 lakh, respectively.

4. Kawasaki Z650 – 68hp

The Kawasaki Z650 is the most affordable and lightest bike on this list, weighing just 191kg. Powered by a reliable 649cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, it delivers 68hp and 64Nm of torque. If the Z650’s aggressive design isn’t to your taste, the neo-retro Z650RS offers a stylish alternative for a slightly higher price. This model, along with the Ninja, Versys, and Vulcan S, shares the same robust platform, providing varied options depending on your preference.

3. Kawasaki ZX-4R – 77hp

The Kawasaki ZX-4R, despite having a smaller engine than the Ninja 500, boasts an impressive 77hp thanks to its high-revving inline-four engine, which peaks at over 14,000rpm. With RAM air assistance, this figure rises to 80hp. Priced at Rs 8.49 lakh, the ZX-4R offers a unique riding experience. For an additional Rs 61,000, the ZX-4RR variant provides enhanced features such as a bidirectional quickshifter, adjustable high-spec suspension, and Kawasaki Racing Team colors.

2. Triumph Trident 660 – 81hp

The Triumph Trident 660, the most affordable model in Triumph’s lineup, earns the second spot on this list. Its lively 660cc engine propels the bike to 100kph in just 4.11 seconds. For an extra Rs 30,000, you can equip the Trident with a bidirectional quickshifter. The triple-cylinder engine is exceptionally smooth, surpassing even the Honda CB650R in refinement. For those seeking more comfort without sacrificing performance, the Tiger Sport 660 is available at Rs 9.45 lakh. Additionally, the upcoming Daytona 660, featuring a revamped 660cc engine producing 95hp, promises even greater performance.

1. Kawasaki Z900 – 125hp

Leading the list is the Kawasaki Z900, embodying the saying “there’s no replacement for displacement.” With a 948cc engine producing 125hp and 98.6Nm of torque, the Z900 is the most powerful and torque-rich bike here. It also boasts advanced electronic rider aids such as power modes, riding modes, and switchable traction control. Weighing 212kg, it is the heaviest bike on this list but offers unmatched power and performance for its price.

Honourable Mentions

Triumph Street Triple R Despite its impressive 120hp, the Triumph Street Triple R narrowly misses this list due to its Rs 10.17 lakh price tag. However, its on-road price in many cities might still make it a viable contender against the Z900 due to higher taxes on the larger CBU from Thailand Kawasaki.

Ducati Scrambler 2G While the Ducati Scrambler 2G is the most affordable model from the Bologna-based brand, it doesn’t quite fit the budget. Nevertheless, it’s an approachable and easy-to-ride motorcycle suitable for riders of all sizes.

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