The All-New Majestic Lexus LM Debuts in India

Lexus India proudly unveils the all-new Lexus LM, a pinnacle of luxury and innovation. This flagship MPV redefines comfort and creativity, offering an oasis of relaxation on wheels. Discover its world-first features and groundbreaking design that cater to discerning individuals seeking the ultimate luxury experience.

Unparalleled Interior Comfort

Unparalleled Interior Comfort

The Lexus LM boasts an expansive 48-inch ultrawide display, setting new standards for in-car entertainment. This luxurious interior offers both single and dual-screen viewing options, perfect for business or leisure activities. The Rear Targeted A/C Adjustment Function ensures personalized comfort, providing integrated control of air conditioners and heaters that target specific body areas. Choose from three preset modes—Focus, Relax, and Energize—to curate the perfect ambiance.

Innovative Design and Functionality

Experience the Power Long Slide Rail, granting an impressive slide range for optimal seating positions. The Multi-Position Tip-Up Seat offers enhanced luggage space flexibility. The Frequency-Sensitive Piston Valve ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, mitigating road surface inputs for impeccable comfort and steering.

Distinctive Lexus Features

Distinctive Lexus Features

Lexus introduces several first-of-its-kind features with the LM. The Satin-Effect Hot Stamping Grille combines luxury and design seamlessly. The Separate Front/Rear Audio Output System allows passengers to listen to individual audio sources, a true testament to personalized luxury. Armrest & Ottoman Heaters offer ultimate comfort even on the coldest days. The Rear Climate Concierge provides integrated control of comfort equipment, transforming travel time into high-value experiences.

Unveiling the Future of Luxury Mobility

Lexus Interior Features

Lexus India is thrilled to introduce the all-new Lexus LM, now available for bookings across authorized Lexus Guest Experience Centers and Lexus Merakis in India. With a legacy of innovation since 1989, Lexus consistently delivers exceptional experiences that redefine luxury.

Crafting a Remarkable Experience

Lexus President Mr. Naveen Soni expresses excitement for the arrival of the LM, promising an unparalleled driving experience that transcends traditional luxury. Each vehicle embodies Japanese Omotenashi hospitality, delivering everyday luxury and refinement. The LM embodies unmatched comfort, innovative design, and exceptional craftsmanship, catering to the diverse desires of India’s luxury market.

Masterful Engineering and Design

Masterful Engineering and Design

The LM’s core focus is to create a naturally inviting interior space. Elevated ride comfort and functionality take precedence, ensuring a relaxing and productive journey. The exterior design exudes elegance and aerodynamic prowess, while the interior offers a driver-focused cabin and a meticulously crafted rear suite.

Elevating the Experience with Advanced Technology

Advanced technologies, including Lexus Safety System+, enhance safety and comfort. The Lexus Telemate system supports comfortable mobility, while the e-Latch Closer system offers seamless door operation. Indirect lighting, a detachable rear multi-operation panel, and a retractable table contribute to the LM’s advanced and serene interior.

With the all-new Lexus LM, Lexus India sets a new standard for luxury mobility. Unveiling a masterpiece of innovation and design, the LM promises an unmatched experience where comfort and technology intertwine. Book your journey into luxury today and redefine the art of traveling in style.

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