Upcoming Tata Nexon Facelift: New Powertrain and Design Details Revealed

Tata Motors is getting ready to release an updated version of their car, the Nexon. This new version will have some exciting changes to its engine, design, and features. Let’s take a look at the important updates:

Changes in the Engine

The engine is like the heart of a car. In the new Nexon, they will keep the same types of engines they had before. One engine runs on petrol, which is a type of fuel, and the other one runs on diesel, which is also a type of fuel. You can choose to drive the car with a manual gear stick, where you change gears yourself, or an automatic one, where the car changes gears for you.

For the petrol version, they are going to have even more choices for automatic gearboxes. This is a cool thing because it makes the car easier to drive. They are adding a new type of automatic gearbox that’s more advanced. So, people who like the petrol Nexon will have more options for how they want the car to shift gears.

Design Updates

Design means how the car looks on the outside and inside. The outside of the new Nexon is going to look different. The lights at the front of the car will be arranged in a new way, and the back of the car will have a new kind of light that shines across the whole width of the car. The wheels of the car will also look different, and they’ll have two colors on them.

They are changing the design to make the Nexon look modern and exciting. They are getting rid of the old Y-shaped designs that were on the car before and making it look more dynamic, which means more energetic and exciting.

Changes Inside the Car

Inside the car, there are big changes too. The dashboard, which is like the control center of the car, will be different. It will have a bigger screen that you can touch to control things like the radio and the navigation. There will also be new buttons that you can touch to control different things in the car.

The steering wheel, which you use to control the direction of the car, will have lights on it, making it look really cool. The part in front of the driver where you can see how fast you’re going and how much fuel is left will also be digital, like a fancy screen.

Launch Timeline, Rivals, and Expected Pricing

The new Nexon is expected to be ready and available around the middle of September. It’s going to compete with other small SUVs, which are cars that are like a mix between regular cars and big off-road vehicles. Some of the other cars it will compete with are the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Hyundai Venue, and others.

Because they’ve made so many improvements to the Nexon, the price might be a bit higher compared to the old version. The current Nexon costs between Rs 8 lakh and Rs 14.60 lakh in Delhi, but the new one might be a little more expensive.

In conclusion, the new Nexon is going to have better engines, a fresh look inside and outside, and it’s going to be available in September. It’s going to be a strong competitor in the market of small SUVs in India.

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