Hyundai to Introduce Dual-Cylinder Technology for CNG Cars

Hyundai has recently filed a trademark for new technology likely to be used in its CNG cars, indicating a move towards dual-cylinder setups. Currently, Hyundai offers factory-fitted CNG kits in three of its models: the Exter, Aura, and Grand i10 Nios. These models currently feature a single CNG cylinder placed in the boot.

Upcoming Twin-Tank Setup for Hyundai Models

The trademarked names “Hy-CNG” and “Hy-CNG Duo,” registered by Hyundai in May, suggest a new naming convention for its CNG vehicles, with the latter hinting at dual-cylinder technology. This innovation mirrors Tata Motors, the sole manufacturer in India currently offering dual-cylinder CNG technology in models such as the Altroz, Tiago, Punch, and Tigor.

The dual-cylinder system involves two smaller CNG cylinders instead of one large cylinder, which increases boot space, addressing a common limitation in single-cylinder CNG cars.

Current CNG Lineup and Pricing

  • Grand i10 Nios: Starting at Rs 7.68 lakh, it is the most affordable CNG car in India.
  • Aura CNG: Priced between Rs 8.31 lakh and Rs 9.05 lakh.
  • Exter CNG: Ranges from Rs 8.43 lakh to Rs 9.16 lakh.

It remains to be seen if Hyundai will introduce additional features with the dual-cylinder technology or expand its CNG lineup with more variants. The company has yet to officially confirm these developments.

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