Next-Generation Bajaj Dominar to Feature Upmarket Enhancements

Bajaj has recently expanded its entry into the 400cc performance segment with the launch of the Pulsar NS400Z. This new addition is not only more affordable than any other motorcycle in the 350-400cc range, but it also undercuts the Dominar 400, another Bajaj model utilizing the same engine.

Potential Shift in Accessibility for Dominar

With the introduction of the Pulsar NS400Z, Bajaj is redefining its product positioning. The Dominar 400 may become less accessible to many buyers due to its anticipated upmarket shift. Despite some overlap with the Pulsar range, Bajaj is confident that this strategy will not significantly impact its market.

Next-Gen Dominar to Feature All-New Platform

In a recent discussion with Autocar Professional, Bajaj Auto’s Executive Director, Rakesh Sharma, revealed plans to significantly revamp the Dominar 400. This intent was hinted at during the launch of the Pulsar NS400Z as well. Sharma stated, “With Dominar, we have the freedom to really take excellence to another level. With that, you’ll end up making a great bike but it may be out of reach for many. That is where Pulsar comes in (with a more accessible price). Yes, there’s a little bit of overlap from Dominar, but that won’t affect us too much.”

Shifting Market Focus

Initially designed to compete with Royal Enfield, the Dominar 400 has evolved into a more touring-oriented machine. The latest updates have introduced features tailored for long-distance riding. With the emergence of new Triumph 400 models, Bajaj now aims to capture a larger share of Royal Enfield’s market through these offerings.

Future Expectations

Although specific details about the next-generation Dominar 400 are still under wraps, it is expected that the bike will debut on an entirely new platform. This development, however, suggests that the new model might not be released in the immediate future.

Bajaj’s strategy indicates a commitment to enhancing the Dominar 400’s appeal by incorporating advanced features and a higher market positioning, while the Pulsar NS400Z remains a more accessible option for performance enthusiasts.

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