Yamaha unveils Exciting Colour Schemes & Graphics for its Motorcycle Range

Building on its brand campaign, ‘The Call of the Blue,’ India Yamaha Motor (IYM) Pvt. Ltd. today announced a major refresh to its motorcycle line-up. This update includes fresh colour choices and cosmetic enhancements for the popular R15 V4 and the FZ series model range including FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX, FZ-S FI Ver 3.0, FZ FI Ver 3.0, and the FZ-X.

As the new year begins, the introduction of vibrant color schemes and graphical enhancement is to boost sales and establish stronger connections with young customers across the country. The emphasis is on catering to the preferences of young customers and enhancing their experience through these upgrades. The new color choices are tailored to match each customer’s lifestyle, provide them a personalized journey and finally enticing enthusiasts to embrace ‘The Call of the Blue.’

Commenting on the upgrades, Mr. Eishin Chihana, Chairman – Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies said, Yamaha is excited to unveil its refreshed 2024 motorcycle lineup, in line with ‘The Call of the Blue’ brand campaign. We are elated to introduce vibrant new color options and appealing graphics that aim to captivate riders and onlookers alike. The carefully curated palette that features bold and refreshing shades, not only adds glamour to the bikes but is also expected to heighten consumer delight, promising visually stunning and gratifying experiences for Yamaha enthusiasts in India.”

“We have introduced these fresh color schemes after receiving a lot of feedback from our young consumers in the color related surveys that are being conducted from time to time. Through these upgrades, we are committed to offer a personalized journey to the Yamaha fans, encouraging more enthusiasts to embrace ‘The Call of the Blue’ for an enhanced biking experience.”

The supremely sporty R15 V4 model for 2024 is set to dazzle enthusiasts with an all-new and bold color scheme – ‘Vivid Magenta Metallic.’ This will be exclusively available at Yamaha’s upscale Blue Square outlets. Enhancing the model’s appeal, the existing Racing Blue and Metallic Red shades have undergone cosmetic upgrades and will now sport refreshing tones and sportier graphics.

R15 V4 – Vivid Magenta Metallic

R15 V4 – Racing Blue

R15 V4 – Metallic Red

The FZ series for 2024 undergoes a transformative update, with spectacular new colors that promise to captivate onlookers. The FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 Deluxe now boasts an all-new ‘Racing Blue’ shade, while the existing Metallic Black color is now replaced with the striking Matte Black option. Apart from this, the Matte Black and Majesty Red colors have also received stylish cosmetic enhancements. Notably, the seat color for the entire FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 Deluxe has been transformed to a sleek solid black, adding a refreshing touch to the overall aesthetic.

FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX – Racing Blue

FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX – Matte Black

FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 DLX – Majesty Red

In a bid to further enhance the visual appeal, the FZ-S FI Ver 3.0 model is now available in the attractive Matte Grey color, while the FZ FI debuts a captivating Matte Cyan shade. The FZ-X, joining the vibrant lineup, introduces the strong & rugged Matte Titan color

FZ-S FI Ver 3.0 – Matte Grey

FZ FI – Matte Cyan

FZ-X – Matte Titan

Yamaha will continue to carry forward the rich legacy of the popular sports bike with such exciting upgrades, thereby enriching the overall experience of biking enthusiasts in India.

Pricing Information:

Models Color Options Ex-Showroom (Delhi)
R15 V4 Vivid Magenta Metallic & Racing Blue Rs. 1,87,000
R15 V4 Metallic Red Rs. 1,82,000
FZ-S FI Ver 4.0 Deluxe Racing Blue, Matte Black & Majesty Red Rs. 1,29,700
FZ-S FI Ver 3.0 Matte Grey Rs. 1,21,700
FZ FI Matte Cyan Rs. 1,16,500
FZ-X Matte Titan Rs. 1,37,200

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