Lexus India Achieves 14% Sales Growth in First Half of 2024

Lexus India has reported a 14% increase in sales during the first half of 2024, driven by strong consumer demand and positive market reception. This growth underscores Lexus India’s commitment to exceptional design, quality, and customer satisfaction tailored to the preferences of Indian consumers. The ‘Make in India’ flagship model, the ES, played a significant role, accounting for 55% of total sales from January to June 2024.

Since its inception in March 2017, Lexus has solidified its position in India’s luxury automotive sector, supported by local production initiatives and a well-curated product portfolio. The sales surge was particularly fueled by the SUV segment, which saw a remarkable 60% increase compared to the same period last year, primarily due to popular models such as the RX and NX. This trend reflects a broader increase in demand for luxury cars and SUVs.

Tanmay Bhattacharya, Executive Vice President of Lexus India, commented, “The first half of 2024 has been pivotal for Lexus India, marked by significant growth and increasing customer trust in our brand. We are thrilled with the positive response from our customers, which underscores our commitment to excellence. Our customer-centric efforts, like the newly introduced NX 350h Overtrail designed for an enriched outdoor lifestyle, and the comprehensive 8-year/160,000 km vehicle warranty* recently announced, highlight our dedication to quality, durability, and reliability. These initiatives have further propelled our growth trajectory from last year.”

Lexus India offers a wide range of mobility options, tailored to meet the diverse needs of Indian customers. The current lineup includes the iconic ES sedan, designed to elevate everyday driving experiences, and an array of SUVs, including the versatile NX and the new NX 350h Overtrail, an urban SUV that embodies outdoor luxury. The RX is celebrated for its unique identity and captivating experience, while the LM marks a new era in ultra-luxury MPVs, offering advanced electrified vehicles for customers to choose from.

In a move to strengthen its commitment to customer satisfaction, Lexus India has introduced an industry-leading 8-year/160,000 km vehicle warranty* for all new models sold from June 1, 2024. This initiative sets a new standard in the Indian luxury car market, financially benefiting customers and emphasizing Lexus India’s dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and service.

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