Renault to Launch 5 New Cars in the Next 3 Years

Renault India is set to invigorate its vehicle lineup with an ambitious plan to introduce five new models by 2027. This initiative is part of the broader Renaulution 2024 strategy, highlighting the company’s commitment to the Indian market, a key regional hub for Renault outside Europe.

The plan includes substantial updates to the existing Triber, Kiger, and Kwid models, a revamp of the customer experience, and a rejuvenation of the Renault used car program, Renew. A new brand identity is also on the horizon, slated for a 2024 rollout and expected to be featured on all models from 2025.

Upcoming Models: Triber and Kiger

Renault has confirmed that the lineup will include new versions of the Triber and Kiger, though specifics on their launch timeline remain under wraps. The Triber, a compact 7-seater, is due for an update, especially with competition intensifying from upcoming models like Maruti Suzuki’s new offering. The Kiger, facing stiff competition in the compact SUV segment from models like Kia Sonet, Tata Punch, and Hyundai Exter, is also poised for a refresh.

New Renault Duster: Anticipated Launch

While not officially confirmed, Renault is expected to introduce the new Duster, including a 7-seat variant inspired by the Bigster concept. The new Duster, recently revealed under the Dacia brand, is based on the CMF-B platform and retains its muscular design. Scheduled for an Indian launch next year with the Renault badge, it will likely mirror the design of the Dacia model.

Affordable Renault EV for India

The fifth model in Renault’s plan is speculated to be an affordable, localized electric vehicle, possibly the Kwid EV. This model aims to compete in the burgeoning EV market against the likes of Tiago EV and Citroen eC3, with a price tag under Rs 10 lakh, bolstered by high localization of parts.

2024 Renault India: Pricing and Updates

Variant 2024 price Old price Difference
RXE Rs 4.69 lakh Rs 4.69 lakh
RXL(O) Rs 4.99 lakh Rs 5.21 lakh Rs 22,000
RXL(O) AMT (NEW) Rs 5.44 lakh
RXT Rs 5.50 lakh Rs 5.67 lakh Rs 17,000
RXT AMT Rs 5.95 lakh Rs 6.12 lakh Rs 17,000
Climber Rs 5.87 lakh Rs 5.87 lakh
Climber AMT Rs 6.12 lakh Rs 6.32 lakh Rs 20,000

Renault has restructured its Indian portfolio with new features and a rationalization of variants. The Kwid Climber now boasts five dual-tone exterior colors, and the RXL(O) trim includes an 8-inch touchscreen and a 5-speed AMT, positioning it as the most affordable hatchback with such features in India. The Kwid is powered by a 68hp, 1.0-litre petrol engine, available in manual and AMT options.

Variant 2024 prices Old prices Difference
RXE Rs 6.00 lakh Rs 6.34 lakh Rs 34,000
RXL Rs 6.80 lakh Rs 7.10 lakh Rs 30,000
RXT Rs 7.61 lakh Rs 7.61 lakh
RXT AMT Rs 8.13 lakh Rs 8.13 lakh
RXZ Rs 8.23 lakh Rs 8.23 lakh
RXZ AMT Rs 8.75 lakh Rs 8.75 lakh

The Triber sees enhancements like a driver’s seat armrest, powered ORVMs, a wireless charger, and a new black exterior color option. The RXT variant gains a rear camera and wiper, while the RXL gets improved AC control for rear seats. All variants now include a rear seatbelt reminder. The Triber continues with its 72hp, 1.0-litre petrol engine, available in manual and AMT variants.

Variant 2024 prices Old prices Difference
RXE Rs 6.00 lakh Rs 6.50 lakh Rs 50,000
RXL Rs 6.60 lakh
RXL AMT Rs 7.10 lakh
RXT Rs 7.50 lakh Rs 7.92 lakh Rs 42,000
RXT AMT Rs 8.00 lakh Rs 8.47 lakh Rs 47,000
RXT(O) Rs 8.00 lakh Rs 8.00 lakh
RXT(O) AMT Rs 8.50 lakh Rs 8.55 lakh Rs 5,000
RXT(O) Turbo Rs 9.30 lakh Rs 9.45 lakh Rs 15,000
RXT(O) Turbo CVT Rs 10.30 lakh Rs 10.45 lakh Rs 15,000
RXZ Rs 8.80 lakh Rs 8.80 lakh
RXZ AMT Rs 9.30 lakh Rs 9.35 lakh Rs 5,000
RXZ Turbo Rs 10.00 lakh Rs 10.00 lakh
RXZ Turbo CVT Rs 11.00 lakh Rs 11.00

The Kiger, meanwhile, has become more accessible price-wise, especially the base RXE model. New features include puddle lamps, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, LED cabin lights, and red brake calipers for turbo variants. The RXT(O) variant now includes automatic climate control, and the RXZ trim has been upgraded with cruise control. The Kiger retains its engine options: a 72hp, 1.0-litre petrol, and a 100hp, 1.0-litre turbo-petrol, each available with manual and automatic transmissions.

In summary, Renault’s strategic moves, including model updates, new launches, and a focus on customer experience, reinforce its strong commitment to the Indian automotive market, promising a dynamic and competitive future.

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