Triumph Speed 400 Vs Re Hunter 350 Vs Classic 350 Comparison

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the key features and riding experiences of the Triumph Speed 400, the Royal Enfield Classic 350, and the Hunter 350. Bajaj has strategically priced the Triumph Speed 400 to compete with Royal Enfield, targeting the tens of thousands of potential RE customers. While other competitors like Honda CB350s, Jawas, and Yezdis have struggled to match Enfield’s sales figures and previous comparison reviews, the new Harley X440 is yet to be fully tested.

Triumph Speed 400 Vs Re Hunter 350 Vs Classic 350: Engines

The Triumph Speed 400 stands out on the spec sheet with its 4-valve liquid-cooled motor, producing an impressive 40hp, twice the power of the Royal Enfield bikes. However, the RE engines have a unique character that appeals to buyers, offering a slow-revving feel with a distinctive thump, especially at low revs. The Classic 350 and Hunter 350 deliver a more special experience, balancing refinement and vibration control even at high speeds. While the Triumph lacks the absolute bottom-end performance and character of the Enfield motors, it compensates with easily accessible midrange power, making it a pleasant ride in crowded conditions.

Triumph Speed 400 Vs Re Hunter 350 Vs Classic 350: Seating Comfort

The Royal Enfield Classic 350’s larger and heavier frame, commanding riding position, and retro instrument area provide an iconic rider’s point of view, adding to its special feel. On the other hand, the Hunter 350 feels smaller, appealing to shorter riders with its low seat height but may be less comfortable for larger riders. The Triumph Speed 400 finds a middle ground, feeling lighter on the move, and offering decent pillion comfort.

Triumph Speed 400 Vs Re Hunter 350 Vs Classic 350: Design and Features

The Royal Enfield Classic 350’s design is iconic, well put together, and offers various color options and the choice of alloy wheels with tubeless tires. The Hunter 350 is also handsome, though simpler and more cost-effective than the Classic and Triumph. However, the Triumph Speed 400 stands out with unparalleled quality, attention to detail, and additional features like traction control, LED lighting, and an immobilizer. Its feel-good factor and pride of ownership may be critical in enticing Royal Enfield customers.

Triumph Speed 400 Vs Re Hunter 350 Vs Classic 350: Verdict

The Triumph Speed 400’s competitive pricing will undoubtedly bolster the premium bike market, and its superior performance makes it a tempting choice. While loyalists of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 may be hesitant to migrate, the Hunter 350 offers a closer competition, especially with its attractive pricing. However, the Triumph’s superiority justifies its higher price and even draws comparisons with the KTM 390 Duke.

For riders seeking a relaxed pace and unique character, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 remains unparalleled. However, for those looking for an exceptional, do-it-all, performance-oriented bike that’s easy to handle, the Triumph Speed 400 sets the gold standard in the Indian market. The choice between the two will depend on the rider’s preference and desired experience.

In conclusion, each bike offers its distinct charm and appeal, catering to different rider preferences. With this comparison, potential buyers can make a well-informed decision based on their riding style, requirements, and budget.

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