Triumph Speed 400: An Impressive and Value-Packed Motorcycle

The announcement of the Triumph Speed 400’s price tag created shockwaves among motorcycle enthusiasts. Triumph’s CEO, Nick Bloor, revealed a price of Rs 2.33 lakh (ex-showroom), which was significantly lower than most expectations. Moreover, an introductory price of Rs 2.23 lakh for the first 10,000 buyers added to the excitement.

The Speed 400 offers an unparalleled value proposition, reminiscent of the disruptive impact the KTM 390 Duke had upon its launch. While not without flaws, this motorcycle showcases impressive build quality, attractive design, a smooth engine, excellent ride and handling, and a host of notable features.

Build Quality and Finish

The Triumph Speed 400 boasts premium aesthetics and exceptional build quality. The materials, finishes, and attention to detail are of the highest standard, making the bike deserving of the prestigious Triumph badge.

Triumph has ensured that the Speed 400 seamlessly integrates with its lineup by incorporating design elements from its larger Speed Twin 900 and 1200 models. From unconventional features like the right-side chain drive and off-center fuel-filler to the design of the engine covers and hand grips, the Speed 400 exudes a cohesive and premium look.


Powering the Speed 400 is an all-new 398cc single-cylinder engine. While it may not have the most evocative sound, the engine delivers smooth and flexible performance. It impresses with its tractability and low-end torque, making it ideal for city riding.

The gear ratios are well chosen, allowing for effortless riding with minimal throttle inputs. The mid-range performance stands out, offering enjoyable acceleration from around 4000rpm. Although it loses smoothness at higher revs, the engine remains refined for everyday riding, delivering impressive overall performance.

Ride and Handling

The Speed 400 strikes a balance between comfortable ride quality and sporty handling. The suspension is set on the softer side, providing excellent compliance over uneven roads. It maintains composure and comfort, even on rough surfaces.

However, during aggressive cornering, the softness of the suspension becomes noticeable, reminding riders that it is primarily a road-focused motorcycle. The Speed 400 handles predictably and offers quick steering without feeling twitchy. While it may not match dedicated sport nakeds like the KTM 390 on the track, it performs capably and offers an enjoyable experience.

Brakes and Features

Equipped with competent brakes and a range of features, the Speed 400 offers a well-rounded package. The brakes deliver adequate stopping power, with good initial bite and progressive modulation. Noteworthy features include ride-by-wire, torque-assist clutch, all-LED lighting, dual-channel ABS, and an immobilizer.

The digi-analogue instrument cluster provides a classic look while offering essential information. However, there is no Bluetooth connectivity or adjustable levers, as some compromises were made to achieve the competitive pricing.


The Triumph Speed 400 emerges as an impressive and capable motorcycle, embodying many signature Triumph qualities. It may not replicate the character of larger multi-cylinder Triumphs, but it stands out with its stunning design, excellent build quality, and overall performance.

The competitive pricing further enhances its value proposition, making it a compelling option for riders seeking a well-rounded motorcycle. With the expansion of the Triumph dealership network, supported by Bajaj for sales and service operations, Triumph is poised to make a significant impact in this new territory.

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