Yamaha MT-03 Review: A Sibling with Style and Substance

Yamaha’s MT-03 marks the return of a twin-cylinder naked bike to India, reminiscent of the OG MT-01. However, its identity on the current-gen 03 takes a unique twist, offering riders a distinctive experience. Let’s delve into the bike’s aesthetics, comfort, performance, features, and its place in the market.


The MT-03 shares design elements with its MT family counterparts but boasts a sleek and aggressive appearance. A central projector headlamp, complemented by sharp LED DRLs, sets the tone for a dynamic aesthetic. The bike’s broader shoulders and wide fuel tank contribute to a substantial presence, offering a visual departure from its sibling, the MT-15.

Comfort and Riding Position

The MT-03 inherits the seat and tail section of the R3 but distinguishes itself with a flat handlebar, providing an upright riding position. Despite this, some taller riders prefer the R3 for extended journeys due to the MT’s fuel tank shape, which secures the legs but creates a pressure point on the seat. Notably more spacious than the MT-15, the MT-03 offers commendable comfort, thanks to shared components with the R3.


Equipped with the same 321cc parallel-twin engine as the R3, the MT-03 delivers a familiar performance. Its motor excels at low speeds and reaches a thrilling 12,000rpm redline. Although the “Master of Torque” nomenclature might seem ambitious, the bike’s tractability in the city justifies its moniker. The handling experience, while sacrificing some front-end feel due to the upright position, remains enjoyable, especially when navigating corners.


In terms of features, the MT-03 prioritizes a well-made, high-quality build over extravagant specifications. While lacking advanced features like a TFT display, traction control, and riding modes, the bike guarantees a reliable and enjoyable riding experience. Spec sheet envy may arise when compared to competitors, but the MT-03 focuses on delivering a solid performance without unnecessary frills.


Despite its engineering prowess and endearing qualities, the Yamaha MT-03’s higher price point, attributed to being a CBU import, might pose a challenge in the market. Similar to its sibling, the R3, localizing production could be key to making it more competitive. In essence, the MT-03 stands as a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to crafting well-engineered machines, even if its full potential awaits broader market acceptance.

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