Hero Splendor Electric Bike and its Doppelgangers: An Overview

Hero MotoCorp, a leading domestic electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has generated excitement with the announcement of the electric version of its iconic Splendor bike. However, delays in the official launch have led to the emergence of doppelgangers in the market, notably from Relecto India and Vahak, showcasing the Regen and Vyom electric bikes, respectively.

Relecto Regen

Relecto Regen

Relecto India, based in Chhattisgarh, has unveiled the Regen electric bike, which bears a striking resemblance to Hero’s Splendor. The Regen boasts a range of 130 to 150 km on a single charge, and during testing, GOGOA1 recorded an impressive range of 151 km. The bike features a 2 KW Hub BLDC motor, reaches a top speed of 70 km/h, and supports a maximum load of 260 kg. Priced at Rs 120,000, the Regen offers an appealing alternative to the eagerly awaited Hero Splendor electric bike.

Vahak Vyom

Vahak Vyom

Vahak, a new entrant in the electric two-wheeler market, presents the Vyom, a modern electric commuter bike designed to echo the aesthetics of the Hero Splendor. Powered by a BLDC hub electric motor and a 51.2 V/30 Ah LiFePo4 battery, the Vyom promises an impressive range with a charging time of approximately 4 hours. Boasting a top speed of 25 km/h, the Vyom prioritizes safety with drum brakes on both front and rear wheels. With its sporty design, digital instrument cluster, and advanced features, the Vyom offers a stylish alternative in the electric bike segment.

Hero Splendor Electric Bike

Splendor Electric Bike

While the official launch date of the Hero Splendor electric bike remains undisclosed, exciting details have surfaced regarding its specifications. The bike will feature two battery options – 4 kWh and 8 kWh – along with a 9 kW electric motor, enabling speeds of over 100 km/h. The innovative design includes a fixed 4 kWh battery at the rear, with additional storage space accommodating a removable 2 kWh battery. Projected ranges vary from 120 km to 240 km based on the battery capacity. Despite no official pricing announcement, experts speculate the Hero Splendor electric bike could be priced around Rs 1 lakh, considering its impressive specifications.


The unexpected emergence of electric bikes resembling the Hero Splendor highlights the anticipation and demand in the market. Relecto’s Regen and Vahak’s Vyom provide consumers with alternative options while waiting for the official launch of the Hero Splendor electric bike. As the electric two-wheeler market continues to evolve, these offerings showcase the growing interest and competition in the segment. Customers eagerly await Hero MotoCorp’s official announcement and anticipate a competitive and innovative addition to the electric bike landscape.

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