Toyota Rumion Vs Maruti XL6 Vs Kia Carens: Price, Features, and Performance

Introducing the Toyota Rumion, now making its debut in India as a meticulously reimagined version of the Maruti Ertiga. While retaining its core identity as an MPV, the Rumion boasts distinctive interior and exterior styling enhancements. In a parallel fashion to its Maruti sibling, the Rumion occupies a unique niche in the market, facing no direct competitors, yet positioned as a compelling alternative to popular models like the Maruti XL6 and the Kia Carens.

Now, let’s delve into a comparative analysis of pricing among these distinguished three-row vehicles. But before we embark on that journey, let’s take a moment to explore their individual specifications:

Toyota Rumion Vs Maruti XL6 Vs Kia Carens: Specifications

All three vehicles are equipped with a 1.5-litre petrol engine. The Rumion and XL6 share the same powertrain, producing 103PS of power and 137Nm of torque. The Carens, on the other hand, offers a choice of three engines: a 1.5-litre petrol engine generating 115PS and 144Nm, a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine with 160PS and 253Nm, and a 1.5-litre diesel engine with 115PS and 250Nm.

Transmission options vary between manual and automatic, with the Rumion and XL6 offering 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic gearboxes. The Carens provides a 6-speed manual, a 6-speed intelligent manual transmission (iMT) which is a manual transmission without a clutch pedal, and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic (DCT).

CNG option is available for both the Rumion and XL6, but not for the Carens.

Specs Rumion XL6 Carens
Engine 1.5-litre petrol 1.5-litre petrol 1.5-litre petrol 1.5-litre turbo-petrol 1.5-litre diesel
Power 103PS 103PS 115PS 160PS 115PS
Torque 137Nm 137Nm 144Nm 253Nm 250Nm
Manual Gearbox 5-speed MT 5-speed MT 6-speed MT 6-speed iMT* 6-speed iMT
Automatic Gearbox 6-speed AT 6-speed AT 7-speed DCT 6-speed AT
CNG ☑️ ☑️

Toyota Rumion Vs Maruti XL6 Vs Kia Carens: Price Comparison (Petrol Manual Variants)

The Rumion’s S variant starts at Rs 10.29 lakh, the XL6’s Premium variant at Rs 10.45 lakh, and the Carens’ Prestige variant at Rs 11.65 lakh. The Carens’ base variant is only slightly costlier than the Rumion’s, while the XL6 has a higher entry price.

In terms of safety, the Carens offers an extensive range of standard safety features, including six airbags, electronic stability control, tyre pressure monitoring, hill hold assist, all-wheel disc brakes, and rear parking sensors. The Rumion offers dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, ESP, and hill hold assist.

Rumion XL6 Carens
S – Rs 10.29 lakh Premium – Rs 10.45 lakh
G – Rs 11.45 lakh Zeta – Rs 11.56 lakh Prestige – Rs 11.65 lakh
V – Rs 12.18 lakh Alpha – Rs 12.56 lakh Premium iMT – Rs 12 lakh
Alpha Plus – Rs 13.16 lakh Prestige iMT – Rs 13.25 lakh
Prestige Plus iMT – Rs 14.75 lakh
S CNG – Rs 11.24 lakh Zeta CNG – Rs 12.51 lakh

Seating Configurations

The XL6 is exclusively a 6-seater MPV, the Rumion is a 7-seater, and the Carens offers both 6 and 7-seater options.

Premium Variant Comparison

The XL6’s Premium iMT variant, priced at Rs 12 lakh, boasts a more powerful turbo-petrol engine compared to the Rumion and XL6. It also includes premium features like ventilated front seats, a larger 9-inch touchscreen, a 360-degree camera, and tyre pressure monitoring.

The Rumion’s Alpha variant, priced at Rs 12.56 lakh, lacks significant premium features.

Top-End Variant Comparison

The XL6’s top-end variant, although around a lakh more expensive than the Rumion’s, offers extra features like ventilated front seats, a larger touchscreen, a 360-degree camera, and tyre pressure monitoring.

The Carens’ top-end variant reaches up to Rs 17.55 lakh and includes several more premium features compared to the Rumion and XL6.

CNG Variant Comparison

The Rumion and XL6 offer CNG variants, priced Rs 1.27 lakh apart.

Petrol Automatic Variants

The Rumion’s S AT variant starts at Rs 11.89 lakh, undercutting both the XL6 and Carens in terms of pricing.

Toyota doesn’t offer an automatic transmission for the mid-spec G variant. The top-end Rumion automatic is more affordable than the mid-spec XL6 Alpha variant. Feature lists between the two are similar, with the XL6 having additions such as a 9-inch touchscreen system and a 360-degree camera.

Rumion XL6 Carens
S AT – Rs 11.89 lakh
Zeta AT – Rs 13.06 lakh
V AT – Rs 13.68 lakh
Alpha AT – Rs 14.06 lakh
Alpha Plus AT – Rs 14.66 lakh
Prestige Plus DCT – Rs 15.75 lakh

The Rumion offers affordability and seating for 7 passengers. The XL6 focuses on a premium experience with 6-seater configuration and additional features. The Carens stands out with advanced technology options and a choice of powertrains, making it a more versatile and technologically advanced option.

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