Top 10 Best Electric Scooters Available In India

In 2023, the electric vehicle market in India is experiencing a significant transformation, offering consumers a wide range of options for electric scooters. Here’s an improved and detailed overview of the top 10 electric scooters available in India for FY 2022-2023:


  • Manufacturer: Ather Energy
  • Ather 450X is an Indian-made electric scooter known for its high-end features.
  • Motor Power: 5400 watts.
  • Charging Time: 5 hours and 40 minutes for a 3.7kWh battery.
  • Range: 60km on a single charge.
  • Price Range: Rs 1.42 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).
  • Variants: Ather 450 Plus Gen 3 and Ather 450X Gen 3.
Range 85km/charge
Top speed 80km/h
Charging time 3-4 hours
Electricity unit’s consumption 3 units
Motor power (output) 6kW
Battery specifications Li-ion/
Torque 26Nm
Acceleration 0-40 km/s in 3.3 sec
Motor type Mid-drive motor

Ola S1 Pro

  • Manufacturer: Ola Electric
  • Ola S1 Pro is a powerful and competitively priced electric scooter.
  • Notable Features: High-end specifications, retro design.
  • Launch Date: Indian Independence Day 2021.
  • Price: Competitive in the Indian market.
Range (Real-life conditions) 130-150 km
Top speed 115km/h
Charging time  6 hours
Electric meter unit consumption 4 units
Acceleration 0-40km/h in 3sec
Motor power (Peak power output) 8kW
Torque —–Nm
Motor type Mid-drive
Battery specification 3.8kWh li-ion battery

TVS iQube Electric

  • Manufacturer: TVS Motors
  • TVS iQube Electric offers a smart, connected, and personalized riding experience.
  • Designed for comfort and convenience.
Range 75 Kms
Top Speed 78 Km/h
Battery Specifications 52 V li-ion fixed
Rated Voltage 52 V
Charger Specifications 500 W onboard charger
Motor Type BLDC
Motor Outut power 3KW (rated) 4.4 W (peak)
Motor Output Torque 140 Nm peak
Charging Time 5 hours

Bajaj Chetak

  • Manufacturer: Bajaj Auto
  • Bajaj Chetak, a popular name from the past, has made a comeback.
  • Motor Power: 4200 watts.
  • Charging Time: 5 hours for a 50.4V/60.4Ah battery.
  • Range: 80km on a single charge.
  • Price Range: Rs 1.52 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).
  • Variants: Premium and Premium 2023.
Range 90 Kms
Top speed 70km/h
Charging time 4-5 hours
Acceleration 0-90Km/h in 9sec
Motor power 4080W
Drive Type PMSM motor
Battery specifications 72V/45Ah | li-ion Ferro phosphate | fixed battery
Electricity units consumption 3 Units
Torque 16Nm

Hero Vida

  • Manufacturer: Hero Electric
  • Hero Vida V1 Plus and V1 Pro electric scooters are available.
  • Price Range: Starting from Rs 1.33 lakh.
  • Motor Power: 3900W.
  • Range: V1 Pro (165km) and V1 Plus (142km).
Range 165 km
Max Power 6000W
Rated power 3900 W
Riding modes Eco, Ride, Sport, and Custom
Top speed 80 kmph
Battery charging time 5.55 hrs
Battery capacity 3.94 kwh
No. of Batteries 2

Ampere Magnus EX

  • Manufacturer: Ampere Vehicles
  • Ampere Magnus EX offers a simple and practical electric scooter for city commutes.
  • Motor Power: 1200W.
  • Range: 84km on a single charge.
  • Charging Time: 5-6 hours.
Range 120 km
Top speed 50km/h
Charging time 4-5 hours
Electric meter unit consumption 2.5 units
Acceleration 0-40km/h in 10sec
Motor power (output) 2100W
Motor type BLDC hub motor
Battery specification 2.4kWh li-ion battery

Okinawa iPraise Pro

  • Manufacturer: Okinawa Autotech
  • Okinawa iPraise Pro offers a wide range of electric scooters.
  • Motor Power: 2500 watts.
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours for a 2.0kWh battery.
  • Range: 88km on a single charge.
  • Price Range: Starting at Rs 99,645.
Range 88km/charge
Motor power 2500w
charging time 2-3 hours
seat height  800 mm
Loadin capacity 150kg
Battery 2.0kwh lithium-ion (detachable battery)
Charger specification Micro-charger with Auto cut function

Hero Electric Optima CX

  • Manufacturer: Hero Electric
  • Hero Electric Optima CX is known for its affordability.
  • Motor Power: 550W.
  • Range: City Speed (82km) and Comfort Speed (122km).
Range 82km
Max power 1200w
Charging time 4-5  hours
Gradeability 7 degrees
Top speed 42 kmph
Riding modes No
Rated power 550 W
Battery capacity 1.536 kwh

Bounce Infinity E1

  • Manufacturer: Bounce
  • Bounce Infinity E1 is an affordable and stylish electric scooter.
  • Motor Power: 1500W.
  • Price Range: Starting at Rs 54,443.
Riding Range 85 Km
Top Speed 65 Kmph
Kerb Weight 94 kg
Battery charging time 4 Hrs
Rated Power 1500 W
Seat Height 780 mm

BGauss D15 Pro

  • Manufacturer: BGauss (Sub-brand of RR Global)
  • BGauss D15 Pro offers a mid-range electric scooter option.
  • Price: Rs 1.12 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).
  • Available in 5 colors.
Riding Range 115 Km
Top Speed 60 Kmph
Battery capacity 3.2 kwh
Battery charging time 4 Hrs
Motor Power 3100 W
Motor BLDC

These electric scooters cater to diverse consumer preferences, budgets, and commuting needs, making 2023 a transformative year for the electric vehicle market in India. When selecting the right e-scooter, consider your specific requirements and prioritize factors like range, charging time, and features for an optimal riding experience.

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