Maruti Suzuki Prepares to Launch Spacia-Based Mini MPV in India

Maruti Suzuki, a prominent name in the Indian automotive industry, is gearing up to expand its portfolio with the introduction of a new, compact MPV. This upcoming model, currently known by its codename YDB, is based on the Suzuki Spacia, a popular vehicle in Japan. Slated for a potential release by 2026, the YDB MPV is part of Maruti Suzuki’s broader strategy to diversify its offerings, which also includes the launch of its first EV, the eVX, along with the fourth-generation Swift and Dzire.

Design and Specifications of the YDB MPV

Exterior Features

The YDB MPV, while based on the Suzuki Spacia, will undergo significant modifications for the Indian market. One of the notable changes is its increased size. While the Japanese Spacia is 3,395mm in length, the YDB will be stretched to fit under the sub-four-metre category. However, in keeping with cost considerations, the India-specific model might forgo the sliding doors that are a feature of the Japanese version. Despite these changes, the MPV is expected to retain the Spacia’s boxy silhouette, optimizing cabin space.

Interior Layout

The interior of the YDB will also see substantial revisions, particularly to accommodate the larger dimensions. Unlike the two-row seating of the Japanese Spacia, the YDB is expected to feature a cleverly designed three-row cabin. This will be a significant factor in its competition with models like the Renault Triber. The inclusion of rear seats with ottoman-like extensions, a highlight in the Spacia, remains uncertain for the Indian version.

Engine and Performance

In Japan, the Spacia is categorized as a Kei car and is equipped with a 660cc engine. For the Indian market, the YDB is likely to be powered by the 1.2-litre Z Series petrol engine, which will debut in the upcoming Swift. Prospective buyers can expect both manual and automatic transmission options.

Market Positioning and Availability

The YDB MPV will be positioned below the Ertiga and XL6 in Maruti Suzuki’s current lineup. Despite its compact dimensions and affordability, it will be sold through the company’s premium Nexa showrooms, indicating Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to offering a high-quality, feature-rich vehicle at a competitive price point. As Maruti Suzuki continues to innovate and expand, the YDB MPV stands as a testament to its strategy of diversifying its vehicle portfolio to cater to a broad spectrum of customers in the Indian market.

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