New Vespa, Aprilia scooters India launch in 2023

Piaggio will introduce a variety of all-new scooters under the Vespa and Aprilia brands to commemorate its 25th anniversary in India. This will involve both current updating models and launching new ones, some of which will be propelled by brand-new, powerful engines.

Targeting prospective racers is the Aprilia SR Typhoon.
Larger engines may be added to the Vespa Touring model.
Dual-tone colors will be added to a new Vespa model for young people.

2023 Aprilia, Vespa scooter line-up revealed: details

In order to do this, all Aprilia and Vespa scooters will now come with a new i-GET engine that is more powerful and gives better acceleration and stopping power. At the moment, it’s unclear if this is a brand-new set of engines or just updated versions of the ones already existing.

Aprilia will add a new Typhoon model to its SR line, which the company says is for aspiring racers. Concerning Vespas, the company plans to release a new model called Vespa Touring, which it says is made for “explorers and creators” to be able to carry gear and luggage. Piaggio says there will also be a new version of the Vespa that is made for younger people and will have two-tone colours. There will also be new colour options for the Vespas that are already on the market.

Diego Graffi, the CMD of Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd, thinks that the company now knows the Indian market well. He also thinks that the country has reached a point where the two-wheeler market is ready to be split up into different segments, just like the passenger car market was in the past.

So, the new Piaggio scooters that are going to be sold in India are made to meet more than just the needs of commuters. They are made for touring, luxury, and racing, among other things. He says that the main goal will be to grow under the Aprilia and Vespa scooter brands.

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