Lectrix EV Revolutionizes Refueling with Lectrix Battery Swap Network, Eradicating Range Anxiety

Lectrix EV, the electric mobility arm of the esteemed SAR Group and a trailblazer in India’s electric vehicle industry, proudly unveils the Lectrix Battery Swap Network on December 15th in Delhi. This groundbreaking initiative aims to tackle the common hurdles of daily charging and range anxiety faced by EV two-wheeler users.

With the Lectrix Battery Swap Network, consumers can enjoy unlimited range, effectively eliminating concerns about battery life and range limitations. This innovative solution marks a paradigm shift in the EV landscape, offering unparalleled benefits to users.

In addition to the Battery Swap Network, Lectrix EV introduces the LXS two-wheeler—an eco-friendly vehicle designed to provide practical and sustainable transportation without extravagant smart features.

For a nominal fee of just Rs 2,299/month, users gain access to the Battery Swap Network subscription, granting them the ability to swap batteries at designated stations. These stations cater to both smart and non-smart EVs, offering an efficient and cost-effective solution for users across Delhi.

K Vijaya Kumar, MD & CEO of SAR Electric Mobility, expressed, “Understanding the challenges faced by EV users, the Lectrix Battery Swap Network is our solution to range anxiety and charging woes. Our vision is to establish a dense swapping network across 500 locations in 4 Cities, with 20 locations already operational in Delhi.”

The Lectrix Battery Swap Network facilitates seamless battery swaps within seconds, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. By prioritizing eco-friendly transportation solutions, Lectrix EV aims to transform the EV landscape and provide customers with a convenient electric vehicle experience.

With the Lectrix Battery Swap Network, the future of refueling is here—redefining mobility and empowering users to embrace sustainable transportation with confidence.

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