iVOOMi Announces Unbeatable Offers on Electric Scooters, Up to ₹10000 Off

iVOOMi, a pioneer in the electric two-wheeler industry, is thrilled to announce fantastic offers for its customers, providing discounts of up to Rs. 10,000 on the entire range of their electric scooters. Customers can now enjoy substantial savings of ₹10,000 on the premium JeetX model and ₹5,000 on the efficient S1 and S1 2.0. This limited-time promotion, available until March 31st, is designed to give every customer access to state-of-the-art technology at unbeatable prices.

Unmatched Comfort with JeetX

The flagship model, JeetX, known for its comfort and stylish design, is now available at an ex-showroom price of ₹89,999 after a significant discount of ₹10,000. With a top speed of 65 kmph, the JeetX is a standout powerful choice for riders seeking unmatched comfort and efficiency. Available in 5 premium matte finish colors, the JeetX allows users to customize their electric riding experience.

Contemporary Design and Reliable Performance with S1

The iVOOMi S1, designed to optimize performance across diverse terrains, is available at an ex-showroom price of ₹79,999 after a significant discount of ₹5,000. With a certified range of 120 km, a top speed of 57 kmph, and a quick 0 to 50 percent battery charging time of two hours, the iVOOMi S1 is a complete package for urban commuting.

Efficiency Redefined at an Unbeatable Price with S1 2.0

The efficient S1 2.0, offering an impressive all-day riding range of over 110 kilometers per charge, is now priced at an amazing price of ₹82,999. With its affordability and exceptional efficiency, the S1 2.0 solidifies its position as one of the most cost-effective e-scooters in the country. S1 2.0 comes in 6 sporty cool colors, enabling riders to showcase their style on the road.

In addition to the attractive pricing, all iVOOMi electric scooters can now be upgraded to smart cloud-connected e-scooters, including Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, turn-by-turn navigation, and call and SMS alerts. This upgrade enhances the overall user experience, making iVOOMi scooters not just a mode of transportation, but a connected and intelligent companion for daily commuting needs.

“At iVOOMi, we’re not just shaping the future; we’re defining it. Our mission is to empower individuals with access to advanced technology that enhances their daily lives. With our range of scooters and irresistible offers, we aim to revolutionize urban mobility and set new benchmarks in the industry,” stated Mr. Ashwin Bhandari, Co-Founder and CEO of iVOOMi.

“Through exclusive discounts on our products, we are determined to bring the joy of owning an iVOOMi e-scooter to a broader audience. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and this project is another step forward in our quest to create a greener and more accessible future of transportation,” he further added.

iVOOMi encourages users to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity by visiting any of their nearest iVOOMi dealers and availing of the unmatched discounts available until January 31, 2024. This marks a significant step towards a greener and more accessible future of transportation. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to embrace the future of mobility without breaking the bank.

About iVOOMi

iVOOMi is an Indian brand that has been manufacturing in India since 2001. iVOOMi has successfully established itself in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Nepal, and the Middle East. iVOOMi’s mission is to make the latest technologies affordable for regular people. The landscape of technology platforms has gone through many forms of evolution, and it is essential to note that our verticals do not operate in silos.

The vision to deliver products that enhance simple lifestyle experiences allows our organization five clear business verticals: Telecommunications, Audio, Technology Accessories, DIY components, and Smart products. iVOOMi’s main objective is to focus on the user’s lifestyle enhancement first and second on combining product functions to fulfill these needs.

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