Ampere Nexus vs Rivals: Specifications Comparison

Ampere has unveiled its latest flagship electric scooter, the Nexus, aiming to set new standards in the premium electric two-wheeler segment. To assess its prowess in this competitive landscape, we compare the Nexus against its prominent rivals: Ather Rizta, TVS iQube, Ola S1 Pro, Bajaj Chetak, and Vida V1. From electric motor performance to features and pricing, we delve into a comprehensive analysis to discern how the Ampere Nexus stacks up against its formidable contenders.

Electric Motor, Battery, and Charging

Specifications Ampere Nexus Ather Rizta TVS iQube Ola S1 Pro Bajaj Chetak Vida V1
Peak Motor Output 4kW 4.3kWh 4.4kW 11kW 4.2kW 6kW
Rated Torque 35Nm 22Nm 33Nm NA 20Nm 25Nm
Claimed Top Speed 93kph 80kph 78kph 120kph 73kph 80kph
Battery Capacity 3kWh 2.9kWh – 3.7kWh 3kWh 4kWh 2.9kWh – 3.2kWh 3.44kWh – 3.94kWh
Charging Time (0-100%) 3hr22min 8hr30min / 6hr10min 4hr40min 6hr30min 4hr30min / 4hr50min 5hr15min / 5hr55min
Certified Range 136km 123km – 160km 100km (real world) 195km 113km – 126km 143km – 165km

The Ampere Nexus packs the smallest battery in this group but achieves a higher certified range than most of its rivals. Despite its smaller battery, it boasts one of the highest claimed top speeds at 93kph, second only to the Ola S1 Pro’s 120kph. Additionally, it offers the fastest charging time among the competitors, taking just 3 hours and 22 minutes with a standard 15 amp charger.

Dimensions and Underpinnings

Specifications Ampere Nexus Ather Rizta TVS iQube Ola S1 Pro Bajaj Chetak Vida V1
Wheelbase 1319mm 1285mm 1301mm 1359mm NA 1301mm
Seat Height 765mm 780mm 770mm 805mm NA 780mm
Ground Clearance 170mm 165mm 157mm 160mm NA 155mm
Weight NA 119kg 117.2kg – 118.8kg 116kg 134kg 124kg – 125kg
Suspension (F/R) Telescopic fork / Dual shock absorbers Telescopic fork / Monoshock Telescopic fork / Twin shock absorbers Telescopic fork / Monoshock Leading link / Monoshock Telescopic fork / Monoshock
Brakes (F/R) Disc / Drum 200mm disc / 130mm drum 220mm disc / 130mm drum Disc / Drum Disc / Drum 190mm disc / 130mm drum
Tyres (F/R) 90/90-12 / 90/90-12 90/90-12 / 100/80-12 90/90-12 / 90/90-12 110/70-R12 / 110/70-R12 NA 90/90-12 / 100/80-12
Storage 24 litres 34 litres 32 litres 34 litres 21 litres 26 litres

Despite having the smallest battery, the Nexus offers the lowest seat height and the highest ground clearance in this comparison. It’s one of the few with twin shock absorbers, along with TVS iQube. However, its underseat storage capacity is lower compared to some rivals, notably Ather Rizta and Ola S1 Pro.


The Nexus boasts a 6.2-inch LCD display for the ES variant and a 7-inch touchscreen TFT display for the ST variant, both controllable via handlebar-mounted switchgear with Bluetooth connectivity. It features a full LED light setup, three riding modes, and hill hold assist. While offering several features, some competitors provide additional functionalities such as traction control, removable batteries, and rear disc brakes.


Specifications Ampere Nexus Ather Rizta TVS iQube Ola S1 Pro Bajaj Chetak Vida V1
Price Rs 1.2 lakh – Rs 1.3 lakh Rs 1.1 lakh – Rs 1.45 lakh (introductory) Rs 1.46 lakh – Rs 1.56 lakh Rs 1.29 lakh Rs 1.23 lakh – Rs 1.47 lakh Rs 1.20 lakh – Rs 1.50 lakh

Notably, the Ampere Nexus, despite not qualifying for EV subsidies, remains one of the most affordable options in this comparison, alongside the Ather Rizta. However, its popularity compared to established brands like Ather and Ola is yet to be seen.

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