Aston Martin DB12 India Launch At Rs 4.59 Crore

Aston Martin, the renowned British automaker, has set hearts racing in India with the grand launch of the Aston Martin DB12, a dazzling sports car priced at Rs 4.59 crore (ex-showroom). This much-anticipated addition to the luxury car segment promises to redefine opulence and power on Indian roads. The first lucky buyers can expect their dream machines to arrive in the second quarter of 2024.

Evolution of Elegance

The Aston Martin DB12 showcases a captivating blend of heritage and innovation. Although it retains the essence of its predecessor, the DB11, Aston Martin has refreshed 80 percent of the vehicle’s components, including a significant design overhaul. The iconic Aston Martin grille has been magnified, adding a fiercer demeanor to its front fascia. The headlamps have undergone a facelift with a striking three-piece DRL arrangement, while the front bumper has been subtly restyled. The result is a design language that honors tradition yet takes a bold step forward.

A Masterpiece in Motion

The DB12’s exterior refinement extends to its profile and rear, maintaining a timeless appeal. New 12-inch alloy wheels lend a contemporary touch to its sides, while the rear maintains its classic allure. For those who seek individuality, Aston Martin offers customization options, allowing buyers to further elevate their automotive experience for a premium price.

A Luxurious Haven

Step inside, and the DB12’s cabin welcomes you into a realm of opulence. The dual-tone theme, complemented by lavish leather treatments, envelops the interior. At the heart of it all is Aston Martin’s in-house developed 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, seamlessly merging into the central tunnel. While the automotive world trends toward full digitalization, Aston Martin retains a tactile experience with an array of buttons on the center console. This design choice maintains the sporty ambiance of the DB12’s exterior. The carbon fiber accents throughout the console underscore its performance pedigree.

Unleashing the Power

Underneath the hood, the DB12 takes a bold step forward by adopting a twin-turbo V8 petrol engine sourced from Mercedes-Benz. This powerplant generates a commanding 680PS and a staggering 800Nm of torque in a rear-wheel drive configuration. Paired with an efficient 8-speed automatic transmission, this engine propels the DB12 from 0 to 96kmph in a mere 3.5 seconds. To ensure a harmonious blend of dynamism and comfort, Aston Martin has introduced several mechanical enhancements, including an electronic rear differential and adaptive dampers.

A Luxurious Competitor

Priced at Rs 4.59 crore, the DB12 commands a premium over its predecessor, putting it in direct competition with illustrious rivals like the Ferrari Roma and McLaren GT. Aston Martin’s new offering promises to be a symbol of refined luxury and unbridled power, setting a new benchmark for supercars in India.

The Aston Martin DB12 represents the culmination of meticulous craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. For Indian auto enthusiasts, it’s an invitation to embrace a world of automotive excellence that transcends the ordinary. With deliveries beginning in 2024, the countdown has begun for a select few to experience the thrill of driving an automotive masterpiece.

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