Unveiling the Rilox EV Ad Campaign: Introducing Bijli – Apni Chalti Firti DUKAAN

Rilox EV, a subsidiary of Rilox India, emerges as a beacon of innovation in the electric vehicle sector. With a legacy of 15 years in the welding industry, Rilox India’s founders, Mr. Rawani, Aasif Motorwala, and Avesh Memon, united their expertise to pioneer sustainable mobility solutions through Rilox EV. Dedicated to affordability, reliability, and environmental consciousness, Rilox EV aims to redefine mobility in India.

Mission and Values

Rilox EV is on a mission to revolutionize India’s mobility landscape by offering eco-friendly, cost-effective electric vehicles. The company champions environmental sustainability and advocates for reduced carbon emissions through widespread EV adoption. Their commitment extends beyond rhetoric, as evidenced by significant investments in eco-conscious vehicle development and carbon footprint reduction initiatives.

Innovative Products

At the core of Rilox EV’s success lies its innovative product line, catering to diverse customer segments. From entry-level to premium offerings, Rilox EV’s electric vehicles promise high performance and reliability. Noteworthy is the “Made in India” electric two-wheeler prototype tailored for last-mile delivery, featuring FAME subsidies and exclusive components for enhanced accessibility and affordability.

Flagship Offerings

Rilox EV proudly presents its flagship products:

  • Spark Elite: A stylish and sustainable family e-scooter that excels in performance.
  • Bijli: An electric cargo bike designed for efficient last-mile delivery solutions.

Expansion and Accessibility

Currently available in West, South, and East India, Rilox EV is expanding rapidly, with plans to penetrate the North. The company’s vision includes establishing a robust distribution network to make sustainable mobility accessible nationwide.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Rilox EV prioritizes safety, utilizing high-quality Phase 2 Amendment 3 government-approved batteries and adhering to stringent international safety standards. Rigorous testing ensures that their electric vehicles offer robust quality, compatibility, and simple design at a competitive cost.

Driving Change

Rilox EV stands at the forefront of India’s electric mobility revolution, driving change one electric vehicle at a time. With a blend of innovation, commitment, and environmental consciousness, Rilox EV is poised to shape the future of mobility in India.

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