Upcoming Royal Enfield 450cc Roadster: Introducing the Hunter 450

The anticipation grows as Royal Enfield enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of the company’s latest offering: a 450cc roadster set to rival the Triumph Speed 400. Codenamed the Hunter 450, this new model is poised to shake up the mid-range motorcycle market with its blend of performance and style.

Sleek Design and Modern Features

The Hunter 450 boasts a sleek design characterized by minimal bodywork and a distinctive stubby tail section. A departure from the bulky tank of the Himalayan, its teardrop-shaped fuel tank adds a touch of elegance to its silhouette. LED lighting, including a signature LED headlight reminiscent of the Super Meteor 650 and Himalayan, ensures visibility and style on the road.

Power and Performance

At the heart of the Hunter 450 lies the same 452cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine found in the new Himalayan. With an expected output of around 40hp and 40Nm of torque, this roadster promises exhilarating performance tailored for urban and highway riding. Royal Enfield may tweak the gearing to enhance its roadster character further.

Built for Adventure

While sharing the main frame with the Himalayan, the Hunter 450 distinguishes itself with a telescopic fork, hinting at a more budget-friendly approach without compromising on performance. Alloy wheels, reminiscent of those on the Shotgun 650, complement its contemporary design.

Customization Options

As with every Royal Enfield, expect a plethora of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories (GMA) to personalize and enhance the Hunter 450. From luggage options to performance upgrades, riders will have ample opportunities to tailor their bikes to their preferences.


With its combination of modern design, reliable performance, and customization options, the Royal Enfield Hunter 450 is poised to make waves in the competitive mid-range motorcycle segment. Stay tuned for further updates on its official launch and availability.

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