Introducing Range Rover Electric: Tested for Leadership

Range Rover Electric is poised to redefine electric propulsion capability, refinement, and luxury travel. The first vehicle prototypes are currently undergoing rigorous testing at some of the world’s most challenging locations, setting new standards in the industry.

Pushing Limits in Extreme Conditions

These pioneering electric vehicles are being tested in diverse climates, from the Arctic Circle’s bone-chilling -40°C temperatures to the scorching +50°C heat of the Middle Eastern deserts.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

The all-electric drivetrain, developed entirely in-house by JLR, is proving its mettle in the most demanding conditions. Range Rover’s proprietary battery and Electric Drive Unit (EDU) are engineered to excel, ensuring unparalleled performance even on low-grip surfaces.

Range Rover Electric

Cutting-Edge Traction Control

Range Rover Electric introduces a groundbreaking traction control system designed to optimize performance on icy or low-traction terrains. By decentralizing wheel slip management to individual electric drive control units, response time is reduced dramatically, enhancing both safety and performance.

Precision and Comfort Combined

Innovative software, meticulously crafted by JLR engineers, enables precise control of the EDU speed, minimizing the reliance on ABS intervention. This harmonious integration with stability and chassis systems ensures a refined and composed driving experience across all surfaces.

A New Era of Range Rover Luxury

Thomas Mueller, Executive Director of Product Engineering, emphasizes that Range Rover Electric will deliver customary luxury, refinement, and capability, now with near-silent fully electric propulsion. The result? Effortlessly smooth and relaxed journeys that redefine what it means to drive a Range Rover.

Uncompromising Testing and Development

Mueller affirms their commitment to pushing Range Rover Electric to its limits, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to deliver unparalleled capability to customers worldwide. Each test and development milestone is aimed at ensuring the ultimate Range Rover experience.

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