New Ford Endeavour Spotted in India: A Closer Look at the Upcoming SUV

The latest generation of the Ford Endeavour, known as the Everest in international markets, has been recently sighted on a flat-bed truck near Chennai, India. This marks the first appearance of the highly anticipated SUV in the country. The spied model is the Ford Everest Trend, the entry-level variant popular in markets like Thailand and Australia.

Launch Details and Strategy

The model observed in India corresponds to the design for which Ford had previously filed a patent. When officially launched, this Endeavour will be an entirely new offering for the Indian market. Reports suggest that the SUV might arrive in India earlier than anticipated, possibly before 2025.

To expedite the entry, Ford is considering importing fully-built units without homologation. This strategic move allows the brand to introduce the new Endeavour promptly, buying time to prepare its Chennai facility for local assembly. The retooling process for the Chennai plant, previously manufacturing the outgoing Endeavour, is expected to be relatively smoother due to shared underpinnings with the new-gen model.

Competitive Pricing and Market Position

Even as an import, the pricing of the new Ford Endeavour in India is expected to remain competitive. This is noteworthy given its main rival, the Fortuner, now priced around Rs 60 lakh for the top variants in certain states. Ford aims to offer a compelling alternative without compromising on features and performance.

Key Features and Variants

The Ford Everest, sold internationally, boasts multiple diesel engine options with displacements ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 litres. The lineup includes 4×2 and 4×4 variants, catering to diverse consumer preferences. The SUV prioritizes safety and technology, highlighted by features such as screens as large as 12.4 inches for infotainment and instrumentation, a comprehensive airbag system with nine airbags, and more, particularly on higher-end variants.

Future Outlook

As Ford prepares for a significant comeback in India, more details regarding the Endeavour’s market launch and Ford’s broader plans are expected to unfold in the coming months. The prospect of a locally assembled, feature-rich SUV combined with a competitive pricing strategy positions the new Ford Endeavour as a key player in the Indian SUV market.

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