Mahindra to unveil Thar EV Concept on August 15

In an exciting development, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) will be showcasing a revolutionary concept SUV at its global event in South Africa on August 15. Contrary to earlier expectations of a larger Thar, the company will unveil a cutting-edge ‘far-out’ Thar EV concept with a fully electric drivetrain. This marks a significant step towards embracing sustainability and green technology while maintaining the Thar’s renowned off-road capabilities.

Quad-Motor 4X4 Setup for Unmatched Off-Road Prowess

The Thar EV concept is set to impress off-road enthusiasts with its advanced quad-motor 4X4 setup. Unlike many 4WD EVs using a dual-motor arrangement, Mahindra has taken innovation to the next level by incorporating four motors, one for each wheel. This configuration promises enhanced traction, power delivery, and maneuverability over challenging terrains.

Crab Steer Capability for Exceptional Maneuvering

Rumors suggest that the Thar EV concept will showcase a unique ‘crab steer’ or ‘crab walk’ capability, a groundbreaking feature rarely seen in the automotive industry. This innovative technology allows all four wheels to turn to a near-45-degree angle, enabling the SUV to move laterally into tight parking spots or even perform a seamless 360-degree turn on the spot. This exceptional maneuvering capability will undoubtedly set a new standard for off-road EVs.

Chassis and Platform

As of now, details about the Thar EV concept’s chassis and platform remain undisclosed. It is speculated that the concept might be built on the same ladder-frame or body-on-frame setup as its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterpart. However, Mahindra is also actively developing dedicated EV platforms, and the Thar EV concept could potentially be based on one of these platforms. The choice of the platform will play a crucial role in determining the vehicle’s weight and range, making it an essential aspect of the concept’s overall design and performance.

Potential for Monocoque Construction in Future

While Mahindra hasn’t yet developed a hardcore off-roader like the Thar using monocoque construction, this could be a future option to reduce vehicle weight, especially for an EV where range is of utmost importance. Ladder-frame SUVs are typically heavier than monocoque-based vehicles, and the space constraints imposed by long and cross members may limit the battery pack’s capacity. However, some manufacturers have successfully launched ladder-frame EVs, such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, which offer increased load capacity and higher towing capabilities.

Mahindra has expressed interest in exploring ladder-frame EVs, given its expertise in manufacturing commercial vehicles. The Thar EV concept will provide a glimpse of the brand’s direction in this regard, shedding light on its potential for developing rugged and capable electric utility vehicles.

Production Feasibility, Price, and Launch Date

As the Thar EV concept is currently in the conceptual stage, production feasibility will be a critical factor to determine its future. Once the technical viability is established, Mahindra can work out the pricing and launch details. As of now, there is no official confirmation on whether the Thar EV concept will be greenlit for production. More information about its future prospects will be unveiled at the August 15 event, and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating further updates.

Stay tuned for more exciting revelations about Mahindra’s revolutionary Thar EV concept, a glimpse into the brand’s sustainable and technologically advanced future!

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