Luxury Ride appoints Himanshu Arya as the Co-founder & CEO

Luxury Ride, the trailblazing one-stop destination for the most opulent range of pre-owned luxury cars, has proudly welcomed Himanshu Arya as its esteemed Co-Founder & CEO. With a strong vision to overhaul the entire structure, Luxury Ride aims to position itself as a leading tech-enabled automobile company under Arya’s ingenious leadership.

A seasoned professional in the startup ecosystem with extensive expertise in the industry, Himanshu Arya brings to the table a wealth of experience in technology, marketing, finance, and business. His trailblazing track record will play a pivotal role in reimagining the pre-owned luxury car ecosystem, making it more accessible to customers and elevating the overall experience at every stage of buying or selling a luxury car.

Sumit Garg, the Co-founder & MD of Luxury Ride, expressed his excitement about the potential of pre-owned luxury cars to offer ultimate opulence to customers at reasonable prices. With Arya’s guidance, Luxury Ride is committed to scaling its offerings and services, catering to the evolving needs of their valued customers.

Speaking about the company’s future strategy, Himanshu Arya emphasized the importance of adapting to the dynamic market trends and catering to tech-savvy customers. With Luxury Ride already backed by technology, they are now focused on streamlining and tailoring it more efficiently to become a frontrunner in the pre-owned luxury car industry.

About Luxury Ride Global

Luxury Ride stands as a pioneering force in revolutionizing the pre-owned luxury car industry, boasting a premium selection of exclusive and extravagant vehicles. The company prides itself on offering best-in-class solutions through its state-of-the-art showroom, ensuring the best quality vehicles at competitive prices. With an end-to-end technology-driven ecosystem for buying, selling, and maintaining luxury cars, Luxury Ride is on a mission to create a niche and redefine the luxury car experience for discerning customers.

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