Jaguar Land Rover Unveils Dynamic New Identity, Accelerating Modern Luxury in a House of Brands

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled its new corporate identity, marking a significant milestone in its transition to a House of Brands organization. The aim of the new brand identity is to eliminate ambiguity and highlight the distinctive DNA of each of JLR’s brands: Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar. Furthermore, it aims to expedite the realization of the company’s vision to be recognized as Proud Creators of Modern Luxury.

CEO Adrian Mardell expressed his excitement about the new identity, emphasizing its alignment with JLR’s ambitions in the modern luxury space. Chief Creative Officer, Professor Gerry McGovern OBE, regarded this development as the next chapter of their Reimagine journey towards establishing a truly modern luxury business. He emphasized that the new JLR identity would bring clarity to clients and serve as a unifying element for their four distinct British brands.

The creative process behind the new identity focused on elegance, modernity, and a forward-thinking essence. The elegant design of the descending “j” symbolizes sophistication, while the lighter weight of the emblem represents the company’s commitment to refinement and modernization.

JLR also reassured its stakeholders that the Land Rover brand would remain an integral part of the company’s DNA. Land Rover, with its renowned heritage, will continue to be prominently displayed on vehicles, websites, social media platforms, and retail sites, providing the foundation for the world-class Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery brands.

Overall, the unveiling of the new corporate identity signifies JLR’s strategic shift towards a House of Brands model, emphasizing the unique qualities of each brand while working towards the common goal of delivering modern luxury experiences.

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