Introducing the All-New Honda Dio 2023: Redefining Convenience and Style

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated all-new 2023 Dio. Priced starting at Rs. 70,211 (ex-showroom Delhi), this scooter is set to revolutionize the market with its innovative technology, irresistible design, and increased convenience.

Leading the pack is the Honda Smart Key System, a cutting-edge feature that offers boundless convenience. With Smart Find, locating your scooter is a breeze as all four winkers blink twice when the answer back button is pressed on the Honda SMART Key. Smart Unlock allows you to effortlessly lock and unlock the vehicle without a physical key, while Smart Start enables a smooth ignition with a simple knob rotation and push of a button, eliminating the need to remove the key. Moreover, the Smart Safe feature ensures security with a mapped Smart ECU that electronically matches the ECU and SMART Key, preventing vehicle theft.

Under the hood, the 2023 Dio boasts a powerful 110cc PGM-FI engine that complies with OBD2 standards, enhanced by the state-of-the-art Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology. This engine optimization system ensures maximum energy output, efficient combustion, and minimal friction, resulting in a silent and eco-friendly ride.

The fully digital meter, available in deluxe and smart variants, provides advanced information such as range, average fuel efficiency, real-time fuel efficiency, total trip, clock, and service due indicator, offering riders a rich riding experience. The side stand indicator with an engine inhibitor prevents engine start while the side stand is engaged, ensuring a safe and carefree ride.

In terms of design, the all-new Dio exudes an irresistible charm with its fresh look, including redesigned front ribs, signature LED Position Lamp, modern tail lamp design, and sporty split grab rail. The addition of new alloy wheels enhances its aesthetic appeal, while the sharper Dio logo and captivating graphics make it an attractive choice for young, adventurous customers.

Convenience is further elevated with features like telescopic suspension for a smoother ride, high ground clearance for tackling rough roads, and a two-lid fuel opening system that maximizes reliability and accommodates additional storage apart from the 18L storage space. The smart variant goes a step further, offering a Lock Mod for a 5-in-1 function without the need for a physical key.

Safety and comfort are prioritized with the inclusion of the Combi-Brake System (CBS) with Equalizer, three-step adjustable rear suspension, engine start/stop switch, passing switch for controlling high beam/low beam and passing signal, and a premium quality front storage open pocket.

To top it off, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India is introducing a special 10-year warranty package (3 years standard + 7 years optional extended warranty) on the all-new 2023 Dio, providing customers with peace of mind and long-lasting support.

Mr. Tsutsumu Otani, Managing Director, President & CEO of Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, expressed his pride in offering a scooter that combines sporty design and advanced technology, fulfilling customers’ expectations and delivering an exceptional riding experience. Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director, Sales and Marketing, highlighted the new Dio’s sporty aggressive design and advanced technology, which is sure to create excitement among fun-seeking customers.

Here is an expanded table with prices, colors, and key features for each variant of the 2023 Honda Dio:

Variant Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Colors Key Features
Standard Rs. 70,211 Sports Red, Jazzy Blue Metallic, Mat Axis Grey Metallic – OBD2 compliant 110cc PGM-FI engine with Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology<br>- Fully digital meter with advanced information<br>- Telescopic Suspension<br>- Integrated Dual Function Switch<br>- 10-year warranty package (3 years standard + 7 years optional extended warranty)
Deluxe Rs. 74,212 Dazzle Yellow Metallic, Mat Sangria Red Metallic – All features of the Standard variant<br>- Premium quality big front pocket<br>- Passing Switch
Smart Rs. 77,712 Pearl Igneous Black, Mat Sangria Red Metallic, Mat Dark Blue Metallic – All features of the Deluxe variant<br>- Honda Smart Key System with Smart Find, Smart Unlock, Smart Start, and Smart Safe features<br>- Side Stand Indicator with Engine inhibitor<br>- Combi-Brake System (CBS) with Equalizer<br>- Engine Start/Stop Switch<br>- Lock Mod with 5-in-1 function<br>- Premium quality front storage open pocket<br>- Two Lid Fuel Opening System

Please note that the color options may vary depending on availability in your region. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on colors and availability, please visit your nearest Honda dealership.

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