Global Premiere of the Mahindra Be Rall E Concept

Mahindra’s new concept electric SUV, the Rall-E, was unveiled at the Mahindra EV Fashion festival in Hyderabad. The rough-looking Rall-E is basically an off-road version of the BE.05 concept car, which was also shown for the first time in India at the same time as the Rall-E. Mahindra also brought its XUV.e9 concept to India for the first time.

  • The Mahindra BE Rall-E is the rough-and-tumble version of the BE.05.
  • BE and XUV.e are new names for upcoming Mahindra electric vehicles.
  • Models for sale will be built on the new INGLO platform.
  • The BE.05 and XUV.e9 were first shown at an event in London in August 2022. They are two of five new concepts from Mahindra that will go into production starting in December 2024.

Mahindra BE What’s up, Rall E?

The Rall-E is based on the coupe-style SUV concept BE.05, but it has had a lot of design changes to make it look more like an off-road vehicle. The C-shaped Daytime Running Lamps on the BE.05 are replaced by a single thin strip, and the round headlights are prominently placed in the heavily-clad front bumper. The cladding goes all the way around the car, and Mahindra gave it more rugged tyres to match. At the back, the BE.05’s C-shaped taillights are replaced by a single strip, and its rear bumper looks more aggressive.

Several accessories, like the roof-mounted carrier, a spare wheel, and a couple of jerry cans, give it an off-road look. There are no pictures of the Rall-inside, E’s but it’s likely to be like the BE.05, but with more durable materials to match its outdoorsy style.

India’s Mahindra BE.05 and XUV.e9

The Rall-E is based on the BE.05, which made its debut in India at the same time as the XUV.e9. As was already said, these ideas have been shown before, and they show two new sub-brands for upcoming Mahindra EVs: BE and XUV.e. The former is a new sub-brand made up of only electric SUVs. It has three models, while the XUV.e series has only two.

The BE line starts with the BE.05 coupe-SUV, which Mahindra likes to call the SEV, or Sport Electric Vehicle. It has an aggressive front end with angular C-shaped headlights and large air dams. The rest of the SUV’s design is made up of sharp lines and creases, and it sits on big wheels that give it a serious look. There are also C-shaped taillights, flush door handles, and heavily styled bumpers that stand out.

The XUV.e9 is also a coupe-SUV, and it looks a lot like the XUV Aero concept. Some parts look like the other XUV.e model, the XUV.e8, like the LED lights, headlamps that are attached to the bumper, and a closed-off grille. But the gloss black cladding all around the XUV.e9 makes it stand out.

Other models from BE and XUV.e

One of the other BE models is the BE.07, which looks more like a traditional SUV and is about 4.6 metres long. The BE.09 is the last model in the BE line. It’s another coupe SUV, and Mahindra says it will have four seats. The XUV.e8 is the SUV below the XUV.e9 coupe SUV. It is similar to the XUV700 in that it is also an electric vehicle.

Both model lines will use the same electric-from-the-start INGLO platform. The XUV.e range will be the first to be made, starting in December 2024. The BE models will follow in October 2025. The XUV.e9 and BE.05 will go into production in April 2025 and October 2025, respectively, and Mahindra says that the Rall-E will also go into production at some point.

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