Bengaluru Traffic Police Collect Rs 120-crore Overdue Penalties in 9 Days

The Bengaluru traffic police collected a massive Rs 120 crore between February 3 and 11 after the Karnataka government announced a 50% reduction in traffic fines. On Saturday’s last day of the rebate period, police reported over 41 lakh unresolved cases and collected over Rs 120 crore in fines (as of 9 pm).

After the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority on January 27 passed a resolution asking the transport department to improve “access to justice for all” in terms of traffic penalties, the authority announced the 50% discount. In light of the resolution, the relevant agency has recommended to state authorities that all traffic fines be reduced by 50%.

Even after the discount was announced, special commissioner (traffic) M A Saleem reported that there were still over Rs 1.6 crore (roughly) in pending cases. Saleem told, “Our motive is not to collect penalties. The objective is to maintain order in the streets, guarantee a steady stream of traffic, and discipline the masses who use them.

People are flocking to take advantage of the 50% discount. It demonstrates the openness of fine collection and helps restore faith in the legitimacy of traffic police. Now it’s time to settle the outstanding fines. There must be strict enforcement of payment. More importantly, though, we hope that drivers will obey the law.

According to Saleem, most of the unresolved instances over the last week have involved cyclists who weren’t wearing helmets. In 2022, the traffic police collected a total of Rs 179 billion; however, between February 3 and 11, they took in more over Rs 120 million. Even before the discount was announced, the traffic police in January recorded 8.4 lakh instances and collected Rs 49 crore in fines.

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