Tata Motors Completes Bs6 Phase II Transition: Refreshes Passenger Vehicle Portfolio With Enhanced Features

Tata Motors, India’s largest car company, just released its BS6 Phase II line of passenger cars with engines that meet RDE and E20 standards. Tata Motors has updated its lineup of gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) cars with new features that will make them safer, easier to drive, more comfortable, and more convenient. The company has also changed its standard warranty from 2 years or 75,000 miles to 3 years or 1 lakh miles for all of its cars, making it easier to own one.

Performance Upgrades

The Altroz and Punch are much easier to drive in lower gears now that their low-end performance has been improved. Idle Stop Start will be standard on all versions of the two models, which will help them get better gas mileage on the road.

The company has improved the Revotorq diesel engines for both the Altroz and the Nexon. This is to show that diesel engines are reliable and to give customers more options. Also, the performance of the Nexon Diesel engine has been improved by retuning it.

Also, the new engines that meet RDE standards are more responsive and have been tuned to make them more efficient for customers.

Made safer and easier to drive.

The Tiago and Tigor now have TPMS, which makes driving safer and less stressful.

In line with what customers want, this new range also has a quieter cabin, lower NVH, and new features that make driving more comfortable, safer, and fun.

Better Dependability

Tata Motors has changed its standard warranty from 2 Years/75,000 kms to 3 Years/1 Lakh kms. This shows that the company is confident in the quality of its products, its superior technology, and its ability to give customers a stress-free ownership experience.

Mr. Rajan Amba, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care at Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., talked about the improved ownership experience. He said, “Tata Motors has always been an active partner of the Government’s mission to reduce pollution from vehicles. We are always coming up with new ideas and putting out new technologies that not only keep emissions in check but also make driving and owning a car an even better experience than it already is.

In line with this way of thinking, we took this chance to upgrade our cars not only to meet the new emission standards, but also to give our customers a better selection of cars that are safer, easier to drive, have more features, ride better, and, most importantly, are easy to own. I’m sure that this updated line will keep us on the path to growth by increasing our market share and making customers happier.

Visit your local dealer or website at https://cars.tatamotors.com/ to find out more about these new products.

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