Yamaha Launches 2023 Version of Its 125cc Scooter Range, Perfect Mix of Technology & Styling

India Yamaha Motor (IYM) Pvt. Ltd. announced on Monday that its 2023 lineup of 125 CC scooters, including the Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid, Ray ZR 125 Fi Hybrid, and Ray ZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid, will be updated and full of new features. Prices for the Fascino S 125 Fi Hybrid (Disc), Ray ZR 125 Fi Hybrid (Disc), and Ray ZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid (Disc) are INR 91,030, INR 89,530, and INR 93,530, respectively. (Prices from Delhi showroom.)

Yamaha’s 125 cc hybrid scooter line for 2023 comes with an engine that works with E20 fuel and gives the same Yamaha-style performance with less pollution. This new engine works with OBD2. The company said in a press release that it helps track important data about the engine’s health and performance in real time. This improves the user’s experience and cuts down on the scooters’ emissions.

Yamaha’s Bluetooth-enabled Y-Connect App is now factory-installed on all of its 125 cc hybrid scooters. This gives riders the most advanced performance monitoring and control right in the palm of their hands. The Yamaha Y-Connect app has a lot of useful features, like a Fuel Consumption Tracker, Maintenance Recommendations, Last Parking Location, Malfunction Notification, Revs Dashboard, Rider Ranking, and more, according to a press release.

Yamaha’s line of 125 hybrid scooters for 2023 comes in new colour combinations. The disc version of the Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid and Ray ZR 125 Fi Hybrid will now come in Dark Matt Blue. The Ray ZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid will come in Matte Black and Light Grey Vermillion. Ray ZR 125 Fi Hybrid’s disc and drum version gets sporty and stylish graphics in its existing Matt Red, Metallic Black, and Cyan Blue colours.

The new range of scooters is powered by a BS-VI OBD2 and E-20 fuel-compliant, air-cooled, fuel-injected (FI), 125 cc blue core engine that makes 8.2 PS at 6,500 RPM and 10.3 N.M at 5,000 RPM. This 125 Fi Hybrid engine is the result of research and development done by Yamaha around the world to improve the performance of two-wheelers in every way. The Smart Motor Generator (SMG) System in this hybrid engine has been carefully designed to make riding a scooter even more fun.

Based on Yamaha’s true hybrid technology, the Intelligent Power Assist feature adds more thrust by using the SMG system, which can also be used as an electric motor. This gives the rider more linear power when they start moving again after stopping. This reduces the wobble at the beginning of tandem riding or climbing uphill, making the rider feel more confident. The 125 Fi Hybrid engine still comes with all of the best features in its class as standard, such as the “Automatic Stop & Start system” that stops the engine from running all the time and lets you start it with a single twist of the throttle and the “In-built Side stand engine cut-off switch” for extra safety.

Chairman of the Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies Eishin Chihana said, “Under the Call of the Blue brand campaign, we want to give our customers an amazing experience. In India, there is a lot of competition in the scooter market, and customers now have much higher expectations of the brands. As India’s most popular two-wheeler brand, we care about more than just motorcycles, and we’ve tried to show that with the 2023 version of our 125cc Hybrid scooter range.

The Y-Connect app is a big step towards giving our customers important driving-related information that will help them take real control of their driving habits. On the other hand, colours show who a rider is, and now that we have added new and exciting colours, our customers have more ways to show off their style. Yamaha has promised to do this, and we’ll keep making exciting changes to our models in the future to meet the needs of our customers in India.

“We are still coming up with plans to meet the growing needs of our scooter customers, but we also have a big responsibility to make the future of transportation carbon-free. We are happy to say that as of today, all of Yamaha’s 125cc scooters in India can run on E-20 fuel and are OBD2 compliant. This is a big step in the right direction towards our goal of being carbon neutral. We will keep trying to make products that are good for the environment and can run on cleaner, greener fuels and help reduce carbon emissions,” he said.

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