Virtus Motors Unveils State-of-the-art Electric Cycles Alpha a & Alpha I Starting at Rs 15999

Virtus Motors, a pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Alpha A and Alpha I electric cycles on the auspicious occasion of their 7th anniversary. This momentous product unveiling signifies a significant milestone for the company, as it bridges the affordability gap between traditional bicycles and electric cycles, introducing innovative features and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Designed with valuable customer feedback and a focus on cost-effective solutions, the Alpha A and Alpha I electric cycles are poised to revolutionize the electric bicycle industry. Both models feature a robust fixed battery pack boasting an impressive 8.0 Ah capacity, ensuring consistent and enduring power for every journey. Furthermore, the incorporation of front suspension and disc brakes in these premium electric cycles guarantees a smooth and stable riding experience across various terrains, complemented by their single-speed design for effortless navigation.

Distinguishing themselves by their user-friendly modes catering to diverse needs, both Alpha A and Alpha I boast a single level of pedal assist and throttle. A pioneering 1-inch LCD display, conveniently positioned beside the throttle grips, provides real-time information, enhancing the overall riding experience to new heights.

Mr. Tushaar Bajaj, Co-Founder and Director of Virtus Motors, shared his excitement, stating, “At Virtus Motors, we tirelessly strive to craft products that resonate with the expectations and preferences of our esteemed consumers. The Alpha A and Alpha I electric cycles, born from meticulous research and customer feedback, exemplify our commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to introduce these cutting-edge models, offering our customers an exhilarating and accessible riding experience.”

From its inception, Virtus Motors has remained dedicated to delivering innovative and environmentally conscious solutions. The latest offerings, Alpha A and Alpha I electric cycles, are a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality. To commemorate the launch of these exclusive products, the initial maximum retail price (MRP) of Rs. 24,999 has been substantially reduced to Rs. 15,999 for the first 50 customers, Rs. 17,999 for the following 100 customers, and Rs. 19,999 for all remaining consumers, as part of an exclusive launch discount.

During the introductory period, the Alpha A and Alpha I electric cycles will be exclusively available through the official Virtus Motors website ( Following the initial online offer, these models will also be accessible via popular platforms such as and, in addition to select city-based dealerships.

Experience the future of cycling with Virtus Motors’ Alpha A and Alpha I electric cycles, where innovation meets affordability and sustainability. Embrace the electric revolution today!

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