Tresa Motors Unveils India’s First Electric Axle (Dax-1) and Upgraded Heavy Electric Truck Model V0.1 on World Ev Day

Tresa Motors, a pioneering force in India’s electric vehicle industry, is set to make waves on the global stage with its latest innovation, the DAX-1 eAxle. Just in time for World EV Day, Tresa Motors proudly presents this groundbreaking technology alongside the upgraded Model V0.1 heavy electric truck, designed to handle cargo loads ranging from 18 to 55 tons.

The DAX-1 eAxle is driven by Tresa’s cutting-edge FLUX350 platform motors, boasting a power range of 150kW to 350kW. Remarkably, this motor weighs a mere 25 kg yet delivers a remarkable 350kW of power, setting new standards for performance and efficiency.

Safety and performance remain at the forefront of Tresa’s innovations, exemplified by their Meg50 battery packs. These unique packs are fully submerged in dielectric liquid, providing 360-degree cooling to the cells and acting as a fire retardant.

The flagship Model V0.1 showcases the versatility of Tresa’s battery packs, allowing for expansion even after purchase. Depending on the desired range and application, the Model V can accommodate up to 12 modules of Meg50 batteries.

Tresa Trucks not only redefine technology but also prioritize driver experience. The Model V’s cabin features central seating for drivers, offering an exceptional view of the road. These trucks are equipped with air conditioning and airbags for added safety. Leveraging LIDAR and AI, Tresa Trucks are positioned to be among the safest in the world.

Mr. Vinod K. Dasari, Chairman of Tresa Motors, expressed, “The surge in EV adoption is a testament to the growing awareness of both the environmental imperatives and the economic opportunities that electrification brings. At Tresa Motors, we’re not just witnessing this change; we’re actively leveraging Indian ingenuity by not only making but also designing in India. Our unwavering focus is on enhancing profitability for our customers and comfort for the drivers.”

Rohan Shravan, Founder and CEO of Tresa Motors, added, “Today, we take great pride in showcasing our truck, motors, and eAxle. These creations are the result of years of dedicated hard work, putting India firmly on the global map.”

Notably, Tresa Motors stands as one of the very few companies worldwide capable of manufacturing eAxles with axial flux motors for medium and heavy truck applications. They are the sole manufacturer of axial flux motor-powered eAxles in India, showcasing the nation’s prowess in EV technology.

With the launch of the Model V0.1, Tresa is edging closer to road trials with its partners, heralding a new era in sustainable and efficient transportation.

About Tresa Motors: Tresa Motors, India’s premier OEM manufacturer of medium and heavy electric trucks, is headquartered in Bangalore. Founded in 2022 by Rohan Shravan and Ravi Machani, Tresa’s core expertise lies in industrial design, electric powertrain, and battery-related technologies. They are currently developing electric trucks in the 18T-55T GVW segment and unveiled their first vehicle, the Model V0.1, on July 3, 2023.

Tresa is on a mission to redefine the future of transportation through innovation, safety, and sustainability, emphasizing driver safety and the environmental impact of ICE engines. With a commitment to self-reliance, Tresa takes pride in developing core components in-house and works relentlessly to tackle the intricate challenges posed by motor, powertrain, and battery pack technologies, creating innovative solutions for the global market. Tresa Motors: Designing in India, Driving for the World.

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