Toyota Taisor vs Rivals: Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Toyota recently entered the compact SUV segment with the Taisor, a rebranded version of the Maruti Suzuki Fronx. Sharing powertrains with the Fronx, the Taisor boasts impressive fuel efficiency figures. However, its ARAI certification is pending, warranting a closer look at how it fares against its rivals.

Toyota Taisor Fuel Efficiency Figures (Yet to be Certified by ARAI)

Toyota claims the Taisor achieves up to 22.8kpl, awaiting ARAI confirmation. Here’s a breakdown of its fuel efficiency based on powertrains:

  • Petrol MT: 21.5kpl (turbo)/21.7kpl (NA)
  • Petrol AT: 20kpl (turbo)/22.8kpl (NA)
  • CNG: 28.51km/kg (with 1.2-litre NA petrol engine)

Comparison with Competitors

Powertrain Taisor Fronx Brezza Sonet XUV300 Magnite Nexon
Petrol MT 21.5kpl (turbo)/21.7kpl (NA) 21.5kpl (turbo)/21.7kpl (NA) 19.89kpl 18.83kpl (NA)/18.7kpl (turbo iMT) 17-18.2kpl 19.35kpl (NA)/20kpl (turbo) 17.44kpl
Petrol AT 20kpl (turbo)/22.8kpl (NA) 20kpl (turbo)/22.89kpl (NA) 19.80kpl 19.2kpl (turbo) 17kpl 19.35kpl (NA)/20kpl (turbo) 17.18kpl (AMT)/17.01kpl (DCT)
CNG 28.51km/kg 28.51km/kg 25.51km/kg


  • The Taisor and Fronx lead in petrol fuel efficiency, offering competitive figures across both manual and automatic transmissions.
  • Among competitors, only the Taisor and Fronx offer a CNG option, boasting superior efficiency compared to the Brezza’s larger engine.


The Toyota Taisor, along with its counterpart Fronx, stands out as one of the most fuel-efficient compact SUVs in the market, offering competitive figures across both petrol and CNG variants. This positions it favorably against its rivals, including the Brezza, Sonet, Nexon, and others.

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