Tata Motors Trademarks ‘Azura’: Is it the Tata Curvv’s Production Name?

Tata Motors has recently secured a trademark for the name “Azura,” and automotive enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement, speculating that it might be the chosen production name for the much-anticipated Tata Curvv concept. In 2022, the Curvv concept wowed audiences as an electric vehicle, and in early 2023, Tata Motors showcased an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) version of the Curvv at the renowned 2023 Auto Expo.

The Tata Azura is poised to share its platform with the Nexon, retaining the same striking design language upfront. To differentiate between these two remarkable vehicles, Tata might make subtle tweaks to the bumper and nose design. However, the true differentiator lies in the Azura’s side profile, beyond the B-pillar, boasting an alluring SUV Coupe design characterized by a gracefully sloping roofline.

As Tata Motors takes its first steps into the coupe-styled SUV segment, the Tata Azura is anticipated to closely resemble the Tata Curvv concept, with added real-world practicality. Expect to see toned-down side mirrors, stylish alloy wheels, futuristic lighting elements, and an interior that sets new standards for modernity.

Inside the Azura, you can anticipate a design inspired by the Nexon, yet with distinct textures and color palettes to provide a unique identity. Tata Motors may also introduce exclusive features, positioning the Azura as a premium offering above the Nexon in their product lineup.

Under the hood, the Azura will inherit engine options from the Nexon, featuring the same 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine that delivers 120 HP and 170 Nm of torque, as well as a 1.5-liter diesel engine generating 115 HP and 160 Nm of torque.

But that’s not all – Tata Motors will also embrace electrification with the Azura by offering an all-electric variant, capitalizing on the success of the Nexon EV. This electric iteration of the Azura will mirror the specs of the Nexon EV, encompassing both Medium Range and Long Range variants. The Medium Range variant boasts 129 HP and 215 Nm of torque, while the Long Range version impresses with 142 HP and 215 Nm of torque. These electric models deliver an ARAI claimed range of 325 km and 465 km, respectively.

Anticipate the arrival of the Tata Azura in showrooms within the coming year. Concurrently, Tata Motors is diligently working on facelift versions of the Harrier and Safari SUVs, alongside expanding their electric vehicle lineup. These SUVs are currently in the final stages of testing, promising an exciting future for Tata Motors and its ever-evolving product portfolio. Stay tuned for more updates on the Tata Azura as we approach its official debut.

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