Škodaverse India: 128 NFTs Sold Out in 128 Minutes

Škodaverse India, an innovative venture by Škoda Auto India, has made a remarkable foray into the world of Web3 by achieving a swift sellout of 128 unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), each a personalized work of art. Within the span of just 128 minutes, these exclusive NFTs found new homes, creating a historic moment at the intersection of automotive innovation, artistic expression, and customer engagement.

Mr. Christian Cahn von Seelen, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing, and Digital at Škoda Auto Volkswagen India, expressed, “Škodaverse India isn’t solely about cars; it’s about crafting an immersive experience for our valued customers. The resounding success of this NFT launch underscores our commitment to nurturing creativity, individuality, and a profound sense of community within the Škoda family.”

Embarking on a Personalized Artistic Journey: These NFTs, unlike any other, are meticulously crafted by a collective of talented artists who transform customers’ travel and exploration stories into captivating digital art pieces. Each NFT serves as a visual narrative, encapsulating the individual experiences and adventures of their owners.

Revealing a World of Exclusive Benefits: The owners of these Škodaverse NFTs have acquired more than just digital art; they have gained access to an entire universe of exclusive perks and utilities:

  • Customized Merchandise: Each owner is entitled to a specially curated set of merchandise featuring their unique NFT art, enabling them to carry their stories with them wherever they go.
  • Exclusive Accessories: The NFTs grant access to premium accessories designed for automotive connoisseurs.
  • Access to Škoda Events: Owners gain privileged access to Škoda events, product launches, showcases, and exhibitions, offering them front-row seats to the latest innovations in the world of Škoda.
  • Free Airdrop of the Next NFT: As a token of appreciation, Škodaverse India offered a complimentary airdrop of the next NFT, ensuring that each owner remains at the forefront of this creative journey.

Priced at INR 5,000, the lightning-fast sellout of these NFTs was achieved through a unique and seamless purchasing experience akin to any online transaction. The NFTs were minted on the NEAR Protocol, a certified carbon-neutral project according to South Pole standards.

The project was conceived in collaboration with Antier Solutions Pvt Ltd, the largest blockchain consulting firm in India. For the creation of personalized art, NFT design artists from Antier received assistance from design students at the Pearl Academy, Jaipur, and the MIT Institute of Design, Pune.

Škodaverse India continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realms of automotive and blockchain technology. For updates on the creation and trading of NFTs, the Škodaverse India platform (https://skodaverseindia.co.in) serves as a central hub. Additionally, Škoda Auto India will release regular updates on utilities through its Škodaverse India Discord (https://discord.gg/8rEJN9CzNt), Škodaverse India Telegram (https://t.me/Škodaverseindia), and ŠkodaIndia Twitter (https://twitter.com/SkodaIndia) social network accounts.

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