Simple Energy’s Electric Scooter Launch Raises Concerns

In a highly anticipated move, Simple Energy, an emerging player in the electric vehicle (EV) market, announced the launch of its first electric scooter. However, despite having received an overwhelming number of bookings since August 2021, the company has failed to deliver any vehicles to its customers.

Price (excluding subsidies) Rs 1,71,879 Rs 1,24,999 Rs 125,965 Rs 1,71,890 Rs 1,45,000
Motor Permanent magnet Permanent magnet Permanent magnet BLDC hub mounted
Permanent magnet
Battery capacity 3.7kWh 4 kWh 2.88kWh 4.57kWh 5kWh
Charging time 5 hrs 40 min 6 hrs 30 min 5 hours Around 5 hours Under 6 hours
Acceleration (0-40 kmph) 3.19 seconds 2.9 seconds 4.66 seconds 4.2 seconds 2.77 seconds
Top speed 90 kmph 116 kmph 80 kmph 82 kmph 105 kmph
Claimed range 165 km 181 km 90 km 145 km 212 km

Simple Energy started accepting bookings for its electric scooter in August 2021, and the response was overwhelming, with approximately 1 lakh customers expressing interest in the product. However, since then, the company has been unable to fulfill any of these orders. This lack of delivery has caused frustration and disappointment among the customers who eagerly placed their trust and money in Simple Energy.

Adding insult to injury, Simple Energy has decided to increase the price of its electric scooter significantly. Initially, the company had fixed the price at around 1.10 lakh. However, to the dismay of prospective buyers, Simple Energy is now offering the scooter at a price of 1.45 lakh. Furthermore, an additional charge of 13,000 rupees for the charger has been imposed. This sudden price hike and the introduction of extra charges have raised concerns about the company’s credibility and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The repeated delays in deliveries and the substantial price increase have led many customers to question the transparency and integrity of Simple Energy. The company’s failure to provide a clear explanation for the delays and the decision to raise prices without prior notice have further eroded trust. Customers who placed their bookings in good faith are now left disillusioned and unsure if Simple Energy can deliver on its promises.

To regain the trust of its customers, Simple Energy must take immediate action. The company should provide transparent and regular updates on the status of deliveries, addressing concerns and providing reassurance to those who have placed their bookings.

Clear communication channels should be established to address customer queries and complaints promptly. Additionally, Simple Energy needs to review its pricing strategy to ensure fairness and avoid misleading customers.

Simple Energy’s launch of its first electric scooter was met with much anticipation and excitement. However, the company’s failure to fulfill bookings and the subsequent price hikes have left customers disappointed and skeptical.

Simple Energy must take swift action to address these concerns, restore trust, and rebuild its reputation. The success of any business in the EV market is built on customer satisfaction, and Simple Energy must prioritize fulfilling its promises to regain the confidence of its customers.

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