Press release: Okinawa Inaugurates Its New European R&D Centre In Partnership With Tacita

Okinawa Autotech has announced that its first research and development centre outside of Japan will open in Italy, Europe. Okinawa and Tacita, an Italian company that makes electric motorcycles, will work together to run the new Research and Development Center. Pierpaolo Rigo, co-founder of Tacita, will be in charge of the R&D Centre and will work with Okinawa’s R&D team.

Okinawa Autotech’s MD and founder, Jeetender Sharma, said, “As India’s largest maker of electric vehicles, the company is focused on making the EV ecosystem stronger. In the last five years, the company and its key stakeholders have put five billion rupees into making new products, building new factories, expanding their network, and building their brand.

Setting up the global R&D centre shows that we want to give our Indian customers the best technologies from all over the world. The centre will work on developing new technologies for electric cars of the future. We’re glad that our partner Tacita helped us make our first high-speed electric cruiser motorcycle for the Indian market and the rest of the world. We’re excited to bring this product to India because it will help us get a bigger share of the electric two-wheeler market.

Okinawa also said that the first thing the global R&D team will work on is an electric cruiser motorcycle. This was announced at the same time as the opening. Okinawa says that it will be shown off in India in the next few months. It will have the latest technology and perform well, the company says. Okinawa will put up to 25 million Euros into the new R&D Center over the course of three years. This money will go toward developing new products and a brand-new electric powertrain that will be used in Okinawa’s next-generation vehicles.

Nearly 50 experts from India and all over the world will work at the new R&D centre. Okinawa and Tacita will also have a programme for employees to switch jobs. This will help the employees improve their skills.

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