Ola S1 X with 4kWh battery Launched

Ola has introduced a new variant of its popular S1 X model, equipped with a robust 4kWh battery, aimed at enhancing the driving range for users. Priced at Rs 1.10 lakh, this iteration boasts a claimed IDC range of 190km, coming remarkably close to the 195km range of the S1 Pro Gen 2.

Maintaining consistency in design and features, the S1 X 4kWh version closely resembles its counterparts, differing primarily in its battery capacity and weight. Weighing in at 112kg, it is marginally heavier than the 3kWh variant by 4kg. Charging the 4kWh model to full capacity requires 6 hours and 30 minutes, with a top speed matching that of the S1 Air and other S1 X variants, capped at 90kph.

In addition to the product launch, Ola Electric’s Founder and Managing Director, Bhavish Aggarwal, unveiled ambitious plans for the company’s service infrastructure and charging network. By April, Ola aims to establish 600 service centers, facilitating efficient maintenance and support for its growing customer base. Furthermore, the charging network is set to expand significantly, with 10,000 fast-charging points projected for the next quarter, a substantial increase from the current 1,000 stations.

Aggarwal also announced customer-centric initiatives, including an impressive 8-year/80,000km battery warranty offered with every new S1 e-scooter purchase, at no additional cost. For those seeking extended coverage, optional warranty extensions are available. Extending the warranty to 100,000 kilometers requires an additional investment of Rs 4,999, while further extension to 125,000 kilometers is available for Rs 13,999. These measures underscore Ola Electric’s commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in its products.

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