Ola Electric Unveils Game-Changing MoveOS 4 Update with Incredible New Features for S1 Scooters

Ola Electric has recently announced the launch of the MoveOS 4 software update, specifically targeting owners of the Ola S1 Gen 1, S1 Pro (2nd Generation), and S1 Air electric scooters. This update is part of Ola’s commitment to continually enhance the user experience through over-the-air (OTA) updates. Additionally, the S1 X+ model is slated to receive this update in the coming months.

Key Enhancements in MoveOS 4

Advanced Scooter Locating and Navigation

  • Scooter Tracking: Users can now effortlessly locate their scooters using the Ola Electric App.
  • Ola Map Upgrades: The navigation system within the app is significantly improved, offering better routing accuracy, user-defined favorite locations, and a more intuitive layout for navigation data.

Riding Features and AI-Based Controls

  • Hill-Descent Control: Further enhancements have been made to this feature for safer riding on slopes.
  • Cruise Control in Eco Mode: An innovative addition that allows for cruise control even in the scooter’s eco-friendly mode.
  • AI-Based Features: This includes an auto turn-off for indicators, and a sophisticated tamper and fall detection system that sends real-time alerts to users via the app.

Geofencing and Timefencing

  • Customizable Operation Areas: Users can define specific areas where the scooter can operate.
  • Timeframe Settings: Set operational timeframes for added security.
  • Mode Limitations: Ability to restrict riding modes in certain areas, especially useful when a secondary user is operating the scooter.

App Overhaul and Personalized Experience

  • Ride Journal: A new feature in the Ola Electric app that allows users to share milestones and view ride metrics.
  • App Interface: Introduction of a dark mode and various widgets for enhanced user interaction on smartphones.
  • Personalized Settings: Includes favorites-only calling options, resettable trip meters, and an updated ‘Moods’ feature for a more personalized user experience.

Security and Convenience

  • Passcode Reset Option: Users can reset their scooter’s passcode via Bluetooth or cloud, ensuring easy recovery of forgotten passwords.

The MoveOS 4 update represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the functionality and user experience of the Ola S1 series electric scooters. With these upgrades, Ola Electric continues to innovate and lead in the electric vehicle sector.

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