Next-Generation Hyundai Palisade to Debut Globally by Early 2025

Hyundai is preparing for a complete overhaul of its full-size SUV, the Palisade. Initially planned for a mid to late next year reveal, the global debut has been moved up, with the new Palisade set to enter series production by the end of 2024 and its global introduction scheduled for early next year.

Key Features of the Next-Gen Palisade:

  • Theta 3 Petrol-Hybrid Engine: The new Palisade will feature Hyundai’s advanced Theta 3 hybrid powertrain.
  • More Upmarket Design: The upcoming model will boast a more luxurious design and upscale features compared to the current version.
  • Petrol-Hybrid Models for India by 2027: Hyundai plans to introduce petrol-hybrid variants in the Indian market within the next few years.

Hyundai Palisade SUV: Overview

As Hyundai’s flagship model, the Palisade enjoys a strong following in various markets. It competes with the Kia Telluride and the newly unveiled Toyota Grand Highlander. The new Palisade, inspired by the latest-gen Santa Fe’s premium interior and distinctive exterior design, promises to be more refined and stylish than its predecessor. Although the current Palisade was considered for an Indian launch, it ultimately did not enter the market.

Advancing the Debut: The Reason

The growing demand for petrol-hybrid vehicles in many global markets has prompted Hyundai to accelerate the production timeline of the new Palisade, which will feature the cutting-edge Theta 3 hybrid powertrain.

Theta 3 Engine Highlights

The next-generation Palisade will be equipped with Hyundai’s new flagship Theta engine lineup, starting with an innovative 2.5-liter turbo-petrol unit paired with a robust hybrid system. This new powertrain will replace the older Lambda series engines that lack hybrid capabilities.

Expanding Hyundai’s Hybrid Portfolio

With the increasing shift towards hybrid vehicles, Hyundai plans to introduce more petrol-hybrid models worldwide. By 2027, the company aims to offer hybrid powertrains across its SUV and sedan ranges, including models such as the Creta, Alcazar, Verna, and Tucson.

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