MG Bingo Hatchback Patented in India

MG Motor India is gearing up for a significant product overhaul, which includes a variety of new models and updates to its current lineup. Among the exciting upcoming releases are the heavily updated MG Gloster and the anticipated MG Cloud EV. Recently, patent images have emerged online, indicating that MG’s parent company, SAIC, is preparing to introduce the Bingo EV to the Indian market, positioning it as a potential rival to the Tiago EV.

MG Bingo: Design and Equipment Highlights

The MG Bingo hatchback, originally launched in China and currently available in markets like Indonesia, is a distinctive five-door vehicle. Unlike the MG Comet, the Bingo features a lot of curved surfaces and quirky design elements. Its interior shares several components with the Comet, including a dual-screen setup for infotainment and instrumentation, as well as the steering wheel and control buttons. The interior is enhanced with subtle chrome accents and soft-touch materials, giving it a more premium feel than its price might suggest.

MG Bingo: Platform, Powertrain, and Dimensions

The Bingo is built on the GSEV (Global Small Electric Vehicle) born-EV platform, which it shares with the Comet and the forthcoming Cloud EV. Measuring 3,950mm in length, the Bingo is slightly larger than the Tiago. This platform advantage translates into a more spacious cabin, featuring a flat floor for added comfort.

Entry-Level and Top-Spec Variants

The entry-level Bingo comes with a 17.3kWh battery and a 41hp motor, offering a range of approximately 203km on China’s CLTC cycle. The top-spec variant boasts a larger 31.9kWh battery and a 68hp motor, delivering a range of 333km (CLTC). For comparison, the Tiago EV’s lower-spec version includes a 19.2kWh battery with an MIDC range of 250km and a 61hp motor. The long-range Tiago EV features a 24kWh battery, a range of 315km (MIDC), and a 75hp motor.

MG Bingo: India Launch Details

MG Motor India is busy with the upcoming launches of the updated Gloster and the Cloud EV, both slated to hit the market this year. In addition, the brand has planned multiple special editions, including the “Blackstorm” and the forthcoming “Desert Storm” series. The Bingo hatchback is expected to make its debut in India sometime next year, adding to MG’s growing lineup of electric vehicles.

Stay tuned for more updates as MG Motor India continues to expand its EV offerings and redefine the automotive landscape in India.

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