New Bajaj Chetak Premium to launch on Jan 5

Bajaj is set to unveil an enhanced version of its Chetak Premium e-scooter on January 5th, featuring a suite of upgraded amenities, including a brand-new TFT display.

The existing Chetak line comprises the Urbane and Premium models, which, until now, have shared many similarities. The upcoming Chetak Premium aims to distinguish itself further, positioning as a more luxurious and feature-packed alternative to the relatively basic and budget-friendly Chetak Urbane.

Bajaj has been actively promoting the launch of the new Chetak Premium on social media, scheduled for 1 PM on January 5. The company has sparked interest by releasing teaser images that partially reveal the scooter, including a glimpse of the sophisticated TFT screen. This display hints at advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation, while also suggesting the retention of the scooter’s riding modes.

Despite the internal upgrades, the visual design of the Chetak Premium remains largely unchanged from its predecessor. The scooter retains its distinctive single-sided front suspension, stylish alloy wheels, and sleek, rounded contours. The design continuity extends to the seat, lighting, floorboard, and under-apron storage.

While details about potential updates to the powertrain and battery pack are still under wraps, it’s speculated that the Chetak Premium will at least benefit from software enhancements. These improvements could bump the current 2.9kWh battery’s range from 108km to around 113km, mirroring the recent update to the Chetak Urbane.

This imminent launch represents Bajaj’s continued commitment to evolving its electric scooter offerings, balancing classic design with modern technology.

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