New Mini Cooper EV India launch in Q1 2024

The transformation of the iconic British brand, Mini, into an all-electric marque is gaining momentum, marked by the recent introductions of the new Mini Cooper electric hatchback and the Mini Countryman electric variant. Unlike its predecessor, which was essentially an internal combustion engine (ICE) Mini converted into an electric vehicle (EV), the new three-door electric hatchback now boasts a dedicated EV platform. This innovative platform is the result of a collaboration between BMW, the parent company of Mini, and Great Wall Motor, via their China-based joint venture, Spotlight Automotive.

New Mini Cooper EV India launch in Q1 2024: Key Highlights of the New Mini Cooper Electric

1. Bespoke EV Platform

The new Mini Cooper electric hatchback is built on a unique electric vehicle platform designed to optimize its electric capabilities.

2. Impressive Range

This EV offers an impressive range of up to 402 kilometers, making it suitable for various urban and suburban driving needs.

3. Innovative Design Language

Mini has introduced its fresh design language known as “Characteristic Simplicity,” emphasizing the brand’s core elements. The exterior design features circular headlights without bezels, an enlarged octagonal front grille, and a lack of chrome accents. Notably, wheel-arch trims and door handles now sit flush with the body, enhancing the vehicle’s minimalist aesthetics.

4. Redesigned Rear

At the rear, the tail-lights have been completely revamped, adopting a triangular shape, with customizable internals. The blacked-out pillars create a floating effect for the roof. Although the wheelbase has grown to accommodate the battery, the overall length has been reduced.

5. Retro-inspired Interior

The interior design pays homage to the original BMC Mini of 1959 with a minimalistic approach. It features a round instrument cluster above a row of toggle switches. The curved dashboard boasts a knitted textile surface and a prominent 9.4-inch OLED infotainment touchscreen – the first circular screen in a production car. The instrument cluster has been replaced with a reflective panel for the head-up display. The cabin is adorned with textured surfaces for added character.

6. Powertrain Options

The Cooper electric comes in two variants:

  • Cooper E: Equipped with a 184hp, 290Nm front-mounted motor and a 40.7kWh battery, providing a claimed range of 305km.
  • Cooper SE: Featuring a more potent 218hp and 330Nm motor, it achieves a 0-100kph time of 6.7 seconds, thanks to its 54.2kWh battery, offering a claimed range of 402km. Both variants support fast charging at 95kW, allowing a 10 to 80 percent charge in under 30 minutes.

7. Mini Experience Modes

Both variants offer various Mini Experience modes that bring distinct displays and powertrain characteristics, including the introduction of a new Go-Kart Mode. These modes enhance the driving experience and are complemented by new digital driving sounds.

8. Coexistence with Petrol Model

It’s noteworthy that the new Mini Cooper electric will coexist alongside a new petrol-powered Cooper hatchback. Visually identical, the petrol version will be based on the current ICE Mini platform and manufactured in Oxford.

9. Indian Launch

Mini plans to introduce the new Cooper electric in India between January and March 2024. It will continue to occupy a unique niche within the Indian market, catering to electric vehicle enthusiasts and those seeking an iconic urban mobility solution.

In summary, Mini’s transition to an all-electric brand is exemplified by the new Mini Cooper electric, featuring advanced technology, a distinctive design language, and a range of powertrain options to suit various driving preferences. Its arrival in India signals Mini’s commitment to the electric future of mobility in the country.

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