Lexus India embarks on Taste of Trails – an Indian Gastronomic Journey

Lexus India, driven by the philosophy of Omotenashi and a commitment to providing exclusive and luxurious experiences to its guests, has unveiled a new experiential program called ‘Taste of Trails’ as part of its Lexus Life and Taiken Card offerings. This innovative program is set to offer unforgettable gastronomic encounters to discerning guests in India.

The ‘Taste of Trails’ program is launched in collaboration with Masque, a culinary gem in India, widely recognized as one of the top restaurants in the world. This collaboration with Masque, along with Lexus as the exclusive crafts and luxury mobility partner, promises to bring innovation and an extraordinary dining experience to Lexus guests at Masque. Renowned Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park and Chef Totlani of Masque will curate a remarkable 10-course, plant-based menu, blending their unique approaches to food and culinary artistry.

At its core, the art of creating food and transforming it into culinary masterpieces is a distinctly human endeavor that embodies a high level of craftsmanship. This focus on thoughtful detail and craftsmanship aligns perfectly with the cultural values that underpin the Lexus brand.

The ‘Taste of Trails’ gastronomic experience is in line with the offerings of the Lexus Taiken Card, which grants exclusive access to some of the world’s most exceptional events and bespoke experiences. Beyond enhancing the ownership experience, this card forges a deep connection between customers and the brand, fostering loyalty and admiration for the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Lexus represents. It caters to connoisseurs of unique experiences, be it attending an award show after party, meeting celebrities, or enjoying a VIP box at a sporting event, among other exclusive opportunities.

Naveen Soni, President of Lexus India, expressed his enthusiasm for the culinary partnership, highlighting how it aligns with Lexus’ core values of passion, dedication, and imagination. He emphasized that driving a Lexus is not just about premium automotive excellence but also an expression of a life well-lived. This collaboration exemplifies Lexus’ commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and authenticity, making it a perfect fit.

Aditi Dugar, the Founder of Masque, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with the Eleven Madison Park team in Mumbai and acknowledged Lexus India’s integral support for both the partnership and the research and development that went into creating the season’s tasting menu. She noted the shared passion for their respective crafts as the driving force behind this seamless partnership.

Located in Mumbai, Masque restaurant, established in 2016, has earned global acclaim by consistently being ranked among the top 100 restaurants worldwide. Masque’s culinary approach uniquely blends tradition and innovation, emphasizing locally sourced ingredients from farmers, producers, and foraging trips. This ethos celebrates the richness of Indian produce and flavors.

The collaboration between Masque and Eleven Madison Park, a renowned New York restaurant with a stellar reputation, will deliver a one-of-a-kind dining experience featuring a 10-course meal prepared by Chef Daniel Humm. Under his leadership, Eleven Madison Park has received accolades such as 4 stars from the New York Times and 3 stars from the Michelin Guide, marking it as the first and only plant-based restaurant in the Guide’s history to achieve such recognition.

Throughout the year, Lexus guests will have the opportunity to savor diverse dishes like Barbecued Sea Bass, fried Idiyappam, and Shallot Chai, creating a fascinating dish known as ‘The Lexus Soiree.’ While Barbecued Sea Bass is perfect for summertime, fried Idiyappam pays homage to tradition, and Shallot Chai offers a Middle-Eastern tea experience made with a special onion variety known for its milder, delicate flavor. These delectable creations will be presented by Chef Totlani of Masque.

The Masque x Eleven Madison Park dinner in collaboration with Lexus India is scheduled for September 1st and 2nd at Masque, located at Unit G3, Shree Laxmi Woollen Mills, Shakti Mills Lane, off Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400 011.

About Lexus: Lexus, which made its debut in 1989 with a flagship sedan, has since redefined the premium automotive industry with its commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience. Notably, in 1998, Lexus introduced the luxury crossover category with the launch of the Lexus RX. As a leader in luxury hybrid vehicles, Lexus introduced the world’s first luxury hybrid and has sold over 2 million hybrid vehicles to date. Since its introduction to the Indian market in March 2017, Lexus has aimed to shape a better future and redefine luxury in one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies.

The brand consistently strives to provide outstanding design and quality to discerning Indian guests, offering a portfolio of 6 vehicles, with 5 of them being self-charging hybrid electric vehicles. In 2020, Lexus further strengthened its presence in India by introducing its first locally produced model, the ES 300h.

As a global luxury automotive brand known for bold design, uncompromising craftsmanship, and exhilarating performance, Lexus continuously evolves its lineup to cater to the next generation of luxury enthusiasts, currently serving customers in over 90 countries worldwide. Lexus team members around the world are dedicated to crafting remarkable experiences that are uniquely Lexus, sparking excitement and leaving a lasting impact on the world.

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