MG Exhibits Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology At Auto Expo 2023 In India!

At the Auto Expo 2023, MG Motor India presented its latest generation of hydrogen fuel cell technology in its new energy vehicles (NEVs). The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle’s electric motor is powered by electricity generated by a fuel cell using the chemical energy of hydrogen.

What Do We Know About MG Euniq 7?

In MG’s estimation, Euniq will produce no emissions other than water vapor because hydrogen will be used exclusively as a fuel.  Moreover, the company claims that the component will function similarly to an air purifier, cleaning enough air in one hour of driving to supply the equivalent of oxygen to 150 adults. The vehicle is equipped with autonomous technology and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

MG Showcases Its Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology

MG Exhibits Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology At Auto Expo 2023 In India!

The newly developed third-generation fuel-cell system, Prome P390, has excellent environmental adaptability, durability, durability, and durability, as well as a high power density, integrated design, and durability.

The fuel cell technology, with a system power of 92 kW, is compliant with all applicable safety regulations and delivers excellent results across all of the most critical performance metrics, such as those related to user comfort, fuel efficiency, and lifespan.

Fuel-cell vehicles, city buses, medium and heavy trucks, and more can all benefit from the fuel-cell system.

The company’s president and CEO in India, Mr. Rajeev Chaba, has said, “MG Motor has been a constant synonym for innovation over the years.”

When we set foot in India, it was with the intention of providing mobility solutions that were both innovative and sustainable from a human-centered technology standpoint.

We are excited to introduce the world’s leading hydrogen fuel-cell technology, the Prome P390, to India as the industry continues to investigate alternative fuel technologies.

Euniq 7, a hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle, promises excellent performance on these parameters with the Prome P390 system, as it not only emits water and not carbon dioxide but also functions like an air purifier, cleaning the air enough for 150 adults to breathe in an hour of driving.

The Prome P390 has technical specifications of 92 kW of power output and 60% peak operating efficiency. It has a maximum working temperature of 95 degrees Celsius and a minimum cold-start temperature of -30 degrees Celsius.

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